Fried Fish with a Southern Twist (The Whiting Fish Recipe)

Flaky and golden whiting from the South, seasoned and fried in a pan. White whiting is a delicious, flaky fish. Combining flawlessly with hushpuppies ...or a helping of coleslaw

My crispy tuna patties seasoned with lemon, garlic, herbs, and parmesan are a must-try for fans of this fish dish. Amazing
Pan fried fish on a plate

Creole-Style Fish and Chips

Whiting fish, when fried in the style of the South, is seriously underappreciated. To hear some people talk, you'd think they'd forgotten about it I will always remember it. Whatever I ate as a kid, I still remember to this day. I have an inexplicable emotional response to heirloom recipes. Those two, I adore. There are few things as nostalgic as a pan of crispily fried fish. It's a toss-up between this fried fish and my all-time favorite meatloaf for my top favorite dish.
The whiting fish is largely unknown to the general public. However, it is widely used in African-American households. You can taste the sweet and mild fish flavor. If you don't like fish with a strong fish flavor, give this whiting recipe a try.
Washington PostIf you're interested in the background of fried whiting fish, check out this Washington Post article.
My younger brother was a greedy brat. He was incredibly hungry, and couldn't wait to eat the fried fish. In my mind, I can still hear him saying, "Are you going to eat all your fish?" For the life of me, I can't figure out how he managed to consume so much food without gaining even an ounce.
Who could give up fried whiting when it's this good? We didn't want to split it up. The fish fry nights always ran out of food.
The times when I wanted fish that was fried to a golden crisp If I wanted to pick up some food, I'd walk to the nearest tiny takeout joint. It's a small menu with few options. Some of the fried seafood options included fish sandwiches, burgers, and fries.
Fried whiting, wheat bread, fries doused in ketchup, and sweet iced tea were my go-to meals. In retrospect, those times were indeed golden.
One of my favorite indulgences is fried whiting. My family only used a few simple ingredients when making fried whiting. We made the batter without any dairy products or eggs. Just use flour and cornmeal. At other times, she used only cornmeal and a few spices, before frying it in a cast-iron skillet. Although I was raised on all-cornmeal pies, I've come to prefer a combination of cornmeal and flour.
As one of the best fish for pan frying, whiting is a staple in our household. Also, whiting fish is one of our favorite foods. Pan-fried catfish is delicious.

Sandwiches with fried fish

Whenever I have fried fish, I always pair it with tartar sauce. Get some good tartar sauce or whip up some on the fly, and don't forget the wheat bread. Spread the tartar sauce on the wheat bread (or other bread) slices.

When I make a sandwich, I spread tartar sauce on both sides of one slice of bread, but I tend to spread more on one side than the other. Put some tartar sauce on some bread, drizzle some hot sauce on top, and top it all off with some fried, crispy fish.

Here's your chance to try frying whiting fish for the first time if you haven't already. If fresh whiting is available, use it instead of the frozen variety in this recipe. Oh my god, it gets better  

Pan-fried fish recipe

I can't believe how simple this recipe is. Three to four minutes on each side is all it takes to cook a whole whiting.  

Sprinkle some salt and pepper on the fish. Don't go crazy with the salt and pepper! The fish will taste salty if too much salt is used. place apart Mix all of the flours and seasonings together in a large, shallow bowl or plate. To make things even more convenient, you can also combine the flour and cornmeal in a bowl, whisk the mixture, and then pour it out onto a shallow plate.

Immerse the whiting in the breading on both sides. Line a large baking sheet or pan with parchment paper and spread the fish out.  
The fish should be coated in the cornmeal and flour mixture, which should be used repeatedly. Wait about 15 minutes before handling the fish. The coating will stay on the fish and it will get nice and crispy in the fryer if you do this.
Whiting fish coated in a cornmeal and flour mixture
Prepare the fillets by frying them for three to four minutes in a heavy-bottomed pan or cast-iron skillet.
Pan fried whiting
Paper towel draining. Immediately accompany with warm bread, tartar sauce, and your preferred hot sauce.  
fried fish

Advice on how to fry whiting fish

  • To properly fry the fish, you'll need a pan with a heavy bottom, such as a cast-iron skillet.
  • Use whatever fish you like. Species of fish such as tilapia, whiting, cod, and catfish A whiting fish was what I used.  
  • It may be necessary to clean the fish without damaging the meat.
  • Avoid using flour if you need a gluten-free option.
  • You should dry the fish thoroughly before dredging them.
  • Fish seasoning lightly with salt Pepper it.
  • Gently bread the fish, pressing down to remove any excess flour, and then drop it into hot oil.
  • Apply the coating and set the fish aside for 10 to 15 minutes. it's better if it's longer You can prevent the coating from flaking off with this!
  • Make sure you're using a heavy-duty frying pan or a cast-iron skillet.
  • Add oil to the pan until it reaches about halfway up the sides.
  • When the oil reaches a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, you can begin frying the fish.

Southern fried fish on a plate with coleslaw

Do you know if whiting fish is on your menu? If so, please tell me about it! Do you have something to say?  

A plate of several pieces of fried whiting fish
As of Right Now, It's April Boller Wright
Simply season the fish with salt and pepper and fry it in a pan until it's golden and crisp for a classic, delicious southern dish. When cooked properly, whiting fish takes the cake as the crunchiest fish in the world.
  • 2 lb Fillet of Fish Catfish, Cod, and Whiting
  • The perfect balance of salt and pepper
  • Cooking oil made from vegetables
  • ¾ cup cornmeal
  • 1 tbsp Blanket Flour Use
  • ½ tsp Garlic salt
  • ¼ tsp fiery pepper aka cayenne
  • In order to enhance the flavor, sprinkle some salt and pepper on it.
  • Season the fish with a pinch of salt and pepper. Set aside Mix all of the dry ingredients, including the spices, in a large bowl.  
  • Bread the fillets by dredging them one at a time in the flour and egg mixture.   Coat the fillets and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Observe them for 10 to 15 minutes.   Largely preheat oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit over medium heat in a skillet. Half-way fill the pan with vegetable oil. *See notes   Keep the fillets from crowding the pan and fry them in batches. Turn after 3 to 4 minutes of cooking. Paper towel draining. Since the crispiness won't last long, serve right away.  
  • Whiting, cod, or catfish are all good options.
  • Make sure the fish has been properly deboned.  
  • Remove the flour if you need a gluten-free version.
  • Drip-dry the fish.
  • Salt and pepper the fish lightly.  
  • Use a light hand when pressing the breading into the fish, and make sure to remove any excess flour before frying.  
  • Apply the coating and set the fish aside for 10 minutes. To prevent the coating from flaking off, do this.  
  • If you want to fry your fish, use a high-quality non-stick pan or cast-iron skillet.
  • Make sure the oil level in the pan doesn't go higher than halfway.
  • Before adding the fish to the hot oil, check the temperature to make sure it is at 350 degrees F.  
Currently using the 4/12/2019 version of the recipe.

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Southern Fried Fish (Whiting Fish Recipe)
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