How Long Does It Take to Cook a Turkey?

Preparing a Thanksgiving feast can be a marathon of several days. That enormous, shiny turkey is usually the focal point of all the preparations. To help you organize the perfect Thanksgiving, we've included details like how long the turkey needs to roast for, where to find it, and what size turkey you should get.

Check out our Test Kitchen's guide to successfully roasting a turkey.

Refer to this chart to determine how long a turkey (unstuffed) should be cooked in an oven preheated to 325 degrees Fahrenheit for various sizes:

4-6 lb breast Time Range: 1:30 - 2:15 165°F 6-8 lb breast Approximately 2.15-3.15 hours 165°F 8-12 lbs Time Range: 2.45-3.0 Hours 170-175°F 12-14 lbs Time: Between 3 and 3:45 170-175°F 14-18 lbs Duration: approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes to four hours and fifteen minutes 170-175°F 18-20 lbs Four hours and fifteen minutes to four hours and thirty 170-175°F 20-24 lbs 4.30-5.00 hours 170-175°F

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Instructions for Taking a Turkey's Temp

Insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the turkey (the thighs) to determine if it is done cooking. To ensure a juicy turkey, cook it to 170–175 degrees for the whole bird and 165 degrees for the breast.

Avoid touching any bone when taking the temperature; doing so can result in an inaccurately high reading and potentially unsafe undercooked meat. If the turkey isn't cooked through the first time, wash the thermometer's probe in hot, soapy water and try again.

Purchasing a meat thermometer For its precision and clear readout, the Thermapen Mk4 thermometer comes highly recommended from our experimental kitchen. The bright ThermoPop is another fan-favorite. Don't put your faith in that pop-up timer that came with your turkey. They frequently fail to pop until the bird is overcooked and dry. And if you use this trick from Ina Garten, you won't have to worry about a dry turkey.

How Big of a Turkey Do I Need?

It's a common question among first-time Thanksgiving hosts: how much turkey should I buy for each guest? Turkey of one pound per person is required. When you can't find a turkey that weighs exactly 12 pounds to feed 12 people, round up. It's preferable to have an abundance of the holiday's signature dish rather than a shortage of it.

Round up to one and a quarter pounds of turkey per person if you're serving a large group or if you want to have plenty of leftovers for the rest of the week. Then you can make some of our favorite dishes with leftover turkey.

How Hot Should I Cook a Turkey?

Our test kitchen suggests maintaining an oven temperature of 325 degrees throughout the duration of roasting a turkey. This is the sweet spot for cooking a turkey; it's cool enough that the bird won't dry out too quickly but warm enough to finish cooking quickly. Make sure your oven is ready for the big day by testing it ahead of time.

Cooking Time for a Turkey Based on Its Weight

When cooking a whole, unstuffed turkey, the rule of thumb is 15 to 20 minutes per pound. Now that roasting a stuffed turkey isn't recommended for food safety reasons (and because it dries out the turkey meat), try one of these crowd-pleasing stuffing recipes instead.

Advice on Preparing a Turkey

Excellent; now you know when to start roasting But before you finalize your Thanksgiving strategy, remember to account for these additional time-consuming steps.

  1. Defrost A turkey will need three to five days to thaw. If you're planning on cooking a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving, give it time to thaw in the fridge.
  2. Start Heating the Oven Allow your oven to reach its optimal temperature, which should take 15–20 minutes. It's best to let your oven come up to temperature, then wait 5 to 10 minutes before putting the turkey inside due to the fact that many home ovens heat unevenly. Before opening the oven door, the heat has a chance to circulate evenly. If you want an evenly cooked turkey, turn it at least once an hour.
  3. Rest Finally, give the turkey at least 30 minutes of rest time before carving. By letting the meat rest, the juices that were bubbling to the surface while cooking can be reabsorb into the meat. Tender, juicy meat results from this absorption. The tenderness of the turkey is lost if it is carved as soon as it is cooked.

Do you wish to perfect your gravy? Master the art of making gravy from leftover cooking juices.

How do I achieve a golden, crispy turkey skin?

The secret to a perfectly roasted turkey is in the preparation. In addition, you probably already have this hidden ingredient on hand. Take the turkey out of its packaging and remove the giblets the day before Thanksgiving. Then, rub the turkey down with kosher salt. Put the turkey back in the fridge until the big day when you'll be roasting it. This method not only adds flavor to the meat, but also helps the skin become crispier after baking.

Not at all, and it has everything to do with heat. Opening the oven door to baste causes heat loss, which causes the bird's skin to cool. If you baste your turkey multiple times during cooking, it will take longer to finish cooking. And meat that has been baked for too long becomes tough and dry.

Try These Fantastic Accompaniments with Your Turkey

Traditional Holiday Stuffing Exps Ppt18 41230 C08 21 3b 12
This stuffing is elevated by the addition of sausage and sage. It's great for parties with lots of people, and you can even freeze some of it to enjoy later. Florida resident Lorraine Brauckhoff from Zolfo Springs
Rich Creamy Mashed Potatoes Exps81999 Esc3139121d03 29 4bc Rms 1
Instant mashed potatoes can be easily dressed up with sour cream and cream cheese, cooked in a slow cooker, and served straight from the appliance. This recipe for mashed potatoes is creamy and delicious, and it would be even better if you sprinkled it with some chopped fresh chives, french-fried onions from a can, or freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Howell, Michigan resident Donna Bardocz
Cranberry SauceTaste of HomeDomestic Flavors
This is a go-to recipe of mine because it can be made in advance, which is especially helpful when hosting guests. The low-fat fruit salad is a healthy and tasty addition to any meal. New Jersey's Cape May Court House resident Nancy Zimmerman
Aunt Margaret's Sweet Potato CasseroleTaste of HomeComfort Food
My great-aunt's sweet potato casserole was always a highlight of our holiday meals. I've made it a little more humorous, but we still really like it. (Fairlawn, Ohio resident Beth Britton)
Marmalade Candied Carrots Exps94825 Hc2847498d05 22 7bc Rms 4
My go-to method for cooking baby carrots is to steam them and then top them with a candy-sweet orange glaze. —Heather Clemmons, North Carolina's Supply
Crescent Dinner RollsTaste of HomeDomestic Flavors
These fluffy, golden rolls smell and taste like heaven. These rolls, made from scratch by Mom, are always a welcome addition to the dinner table. As stated by St. Missouri's Charles city
Exps42878 Cw153050c06 25 5b 2
Both my dad and husband love this dressing. Although leftovers are uncommon, they freeze well. You can save time by chopping the vegetables and preparing (but not baking) the dressing up to two days in advance and storing it in the refrigerator. Because it will be cold, some extra baking time is required. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania's Bette Votral
Best Ever Mac Cheese Exps Thn16 198047 D06 14 3b 4
I toss the noodles in a sauce made with three kinds of cheese to make this incredible mac and cheese. When baked, it transforms into a crunchy topping over ooey-gooey center. Ignore me at your peril Milwaukee resident Beth Jacobson
Exps187971 Th153343c04 14 5b 5
Friends can be brought together by serving Brussels sprouts with a cream sauce flavored with rosemary, but beware of fights breaking out over the last of the sauce. The Berea, Kentucky resident Liz Koschoreck
Cheesy Corn Spoon Bread Exps Scscbz17 10826 B03 08 2b 1
This custard-like side dish is a fan favorite and a frequent request for potlucks and holiday dinners. The jalapeno gives it the perfect amount of heat. This tasty casserole always gets a second helping, but it never makes it to the fridge. Carbondale, Illinois' Katherine Franklin
Exps178590 Th143194d06 19 6b 2
The sweet potatoes, cranberries, and spinach in this salad create a festive display of color. Kutztown, Pennsylvania's Susan Bickta
Cauliflower au GratinTaste of HomeComfort Food
You can rely on this dish to win over skeptics to vegetables. Every time I make it, guests beg me for the recipe. In some recipes calling for cauliflower, I'll swap in broccoli in place of some or all of the cauliflower. Ely, Nevada's Jacki Ricci
Triple-Stuffed Sweet PotatoesTaste of HomeComfort Food
The leftover turkey and dressing in sweet potatoes is a big hit with my kids. Making our individual potato boats in the kitchen is a fun activity for us to do together. Bella Vista, Arkansas's Ane Burke
Thyme-Roasted CarrotsTaste of HomeDomestic Flavors
The dish takes on an elegant air once the carrots are cut lengthwise. Fresh thyme or parsley sprigs add a touch of class and color as a garnish. Kansas City, Missouri native Deirdre Cox
Honey Squash Dinner Rolls Exps Cimz18 164587 C09 17 3b 3
Adding squash to the dough makes for brightly colored, fluffy dinner rolls. I've used everything from cooked carrots to spaghetti squash. —Marcia Whitney, University of Florida, Gainesville
Potato Pan Rolls Exps Srbz16 13129 D09 14 1b 2
These rolls are a staple in my home and always come in handy. Using rapid-rise yeast reduces preparation time significantly. Evanston, Wyoming local Connie Storckman
Rum Vanilla Cranberry Sauce Exps Thca18 188538 D09 22 3b 12
One of my favorite foods, this cranberry sauce is a twist on the classic thanks to the addition of vanilla and rum. Green Bay, Wisconsin's Ashley Lecker
Perfect Dinner Rolls Exps Hplbz17 41466 B06 08 1b 15
The rolls are so soft and delicious. I have fond memories of eating them when I was young, and now I enjoy making them for my own children. North Dakota resident Gayleen Grote from Battle View
Exps50215 Thca163696b03 06 8b 1
Prepare this decadent spinach dish in a flash. I usually double or triple a recipe if there will be a lot of people eating it. San Tan Valley, Arizona, Leann Ross
Raisin-Studded Apple StuffingTaste of HomeComfort Food
The holidays at my house wouldn't be complete without this stuffing. It's almost a full meal thanks to the Italian sausage and the other great ingredients. It's no surprise that it won first place at the neighborhood cook-off. Author: Teri Lindquist, Gurnee, IL
Molded Cranberry Nut SaladTaste of HomeDomestic Flavors
This is the cranberry dish that everyone requests at Thanksgiving and Christmas, though we've tried many others. Every time I've brought it to a church potluck, it's been devoured. Washington resident Eleanor Arthur
Baked Parmesan Breaded Squash Exps174126 Th143190d10 03 4bc Rms 6
Yellow squash, when baked, takes on a lovely crunchiness. Keep an eye on the pieces without turning them. Flower Mound, Texas resident Debi Mitchell
Pumpkin Pan Rolls Exps Fbmz16 32864 A05 19 3b 3
Prepare yourself to hear a chorus of yums if you serve these spicy-sweet pumpkin rolls for dinner, or anytime of day. Topeka, Kansas's Linnea Rein
Slow Cooker Bacon-Mushroom DressingTaste of HomeDomestic Flavors
When the oven is already in use, I like to make my favorite stuffing in a slow cooker. It complements a wide variety of meats, from turkey to game hens. Hope Wasylenki from Ohio's Gahanna
Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes Exps Cw16 149425 06b 28 3b 1
These cozy potatoes get their special flavor from a sneaky addition of cream cheese. It's as easy as mashing, mixing, and warming in the slow cooker. McAllen, Texas resident Frieda Bliesner
Exps3639 Fb143426a05 07 1b 1
These cornmeal-flavored, buttery rolls are the perfect complement to a steaming bowl of chili. Marion, Illinois resident Carol Forcum
green bean casseroleTMB Studio
One of my all-time favorite meals is this simple green bean casserole. It can be prepared in advance of guests' arrival and stored in the fridge until it's time to bake. Blaine, Washington's Anna Baker says:
Special Herb Dressing Exps H13x9bz17 1936 C06 28 4b 1
With meat, fish herbs, earthy mushrooms, crunchy apples, water chestnuts, and a zingy burst of tart cranberries, this dressing has everything a person could want in a salad dressing. Shannonville, Ontario's Trudy Williams
White Cheddar Mac & CheeseTaste of HomeComfort Food
The combination of cheeses and ground chipotle chile gives my mac and cheese a complex flavor. Because of its shape, conchiglie pasta collects more melted cheese than other types of pasta. Yum Herndon, Virginia's Colleen Delawder
Apricot-Apple Cranberry SauceTaste of HomeDomestic Flavors
My sister, however, insists that this is the best topping in the world for a slice of Thanksgiving turkey, even though I much prefer it as a side dish. Idaho's Aysha Schurman, from Ammon
Holiday Rice Salad Exps Thca18 29499 C04 27 1b 2
A cold salad like this is great for parties because it can be prepared in advance and doesn't require the use of any oven space.
Exps124316 Thca163696b12 15 8b 1
The southern collard greens recipe my grandmother made were the best in the world. You'll be in heaven if you pair them with some buttermilk cornbread. Crestview resident Sherri Williams
Exps191626 Th163619c10 02 3b 18
My slow cooker is always empty after I bring this incredibly decadent corn to a work or holiday party. It's luxurious, comforting, and well worth the extra money. Waleska, Georgia's Melissa Pelkey Hass
Exps191741 Sd153323c06 04 9b 3
The Parmesan and creaminess of these potatoes are a hit with my grandsons. That's the only recommendation I require. I'll occasionally use unpeeled red or golden potatoes. Escondido, California native Kalee Krong-McCreery
Molded Cranberry Orange Salad Exps Gbhrhbz18 163475 E07 18 3b 2
This dish never fails to elicit gasps of admiration whenever I bring it to holiday potlucks. If you want to make it look fancier, you can put whipped cream on top. Los Alamos, New Mexico —Carol Mead
Cranberry Apple Red Cabbage Exps Thca17 189804 B08 17 1b 1
I was craving something different, so I experimented with flavors and came up with this delicious meal. I think my German grandma would be proud of me. This vibrant dish pairs perfectly with pork. Ann Sheehy from Lawrence, MA
Southern Corn Bread Dressing Exps Cwon18 49748 B05 24 4b 8
One of my favorite holiday side dishes, this recipe yields a lot Even though we originally made it to make our food last longer for our big family, it's so delicious that it's perfect for entertaining. --Margaret E. Ohio's Kendall and McConnelsville
Jazzed-Up Green Bean CasseroleTaste of HomeComfort Food
Even though this isn't exactly how she makes her green bean casserole, mom will go crazy for it. After much experimentation, I settled on giving this tried-and-true recipe an extra jolt. It's a hit because of the bacon, cheese, and crunchiness. Portland, Oregon resident Scott Rugh
Roasted Brussels Sprouts with CranberriesTaste of HomeComfort Food
Preparation and cooking time for this dish take no time at all. I like to add some dried cranberries, but you can really use your imagination. At the very end, throw in some chopped oranges, orange segments, walnuts, or raisins. Cut your Brussels sprouts in half if they are particularly large. Yorktown Heights, New York — Ellen Ruzinsky
Sweet Potato StuffingTaste of HomeDomestic Flavors
For our large family, Mom always makes sure there's plenty of stuffing. In addition to the usual stuffing baked inside the turkey, she slow-cooks this delicious sweet potato dressing for our holiday gatherings. London, Ontario's Kelly Pollock
Roasted Butternut Tossed Salad Exps159676 Th132104a06 20 7bc Rms 5
The healthy vegetables, almonds, berries, and squash in this salad make it a perfect side dish for Thanksgiving. Katie Wollgast from Florissant, MO.
Porcini Mac Cheese Exps168216 Cw132791b04 23 5bc Rms 11
The mushroom mac and cheese at a nearby restaurant was the inspiration for this dish. The pumpkin ale flavor I added made it even better than the original recipe I was working from. Chincoteague, Virginia resident Laura Davis.
Exps47900 Cw143042b02 27 7b Web 9
I never liked broccoli as a kid, but I can't get enough of this salad's refreshing sweetness. It completely transforms the appearance and character of broccoli. Serve these traditional Thanksgiving sides at your upcoming family gathering. —Jessica Conrey, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Triple Cranberry Sauce Exps Tohon19 46430 B06 19 9b 3
Those who enjoy cranberries will want this sauce on repeat. Fresh, dried, and liquid forms of their favorite fruit are all included. Awesomeness is increased by orange and allspice. Lyons, Illinois resident Arlene Smulski
Dijon Scalloped Potatoes Exps39348 Hc2847498d05 22 2bc Rms 6
This recipe for cheesy potatoes is a huge hit with my family. It's topped with a golden crumb topping and brimming with sweet and white potatoes' rich, buttery flavor. Ohio native Carolyn Putnam from Norwalk
Grandma S Rosemary Dinner Rolls Exps Cwam19 133657 B01 04 6b 3
These came from Baba, my grandma, who used a coal oven to cook them. I have no idea how she kept the room at the right temperature. She regularly baked extra rolls for the neighbors to enjoy. At lunchtime, my mom and aunts would bring us freshly formed rolls. Hendershot, Charlotte; Hudson; Pennsylvania
Exps46040 Hsc143552c08 01 7b 4
My slow cooker stuffing is a huge hit with the whole family. It keeps well in the freezer, so we can eat it well after Thanksgiving has come and gone. Bethlehem, PA's Bette Votral
Holiday Brussels Sprouts Exps41471 Sd142780b08 13 4bc Rms 1
Add some flair to your Brussels sprouts by cooking them with peas, celery, and bacon. If necessary, you can easily double the recipe. Council Bluffs (Iowa) resident Jodie Beckman
Old Fashioned Dressing Exps Hscbz 41055 16 C07 29 5b 8
Do you still dream about Grandma's turkey dressing? This family favorite dressing features it alongside aromatic herbs and crunchy vegetables. The convenience of using a slow cooker to prepare it is an added bonus. Canadian resident Sherry Vink of Lacombe, Alberta
Exps47103 Th2379807d11 07 7b Web 2
My husband claims to be a mac and cheese expert and claims that this recipe is his absolute favorite. It's a perfect match with the pasta and cheeses thanks to the Italian seasoning and tomatoes. Lancaster, Pennsylvania native Adriane Mummert
Balsamic Three Bean Salad Exps164481 Sd143204d12 06 1b Rms 4
This is the salad that my daughter loves the most. She eats it as fast as I can prepare it. The flavors will be more harmonious if you make it ahead of time. Oklahoma native Stacey Feather
Amber's Sourdough StuffingTaste of HomeDomestic Flavors
My son, daughter, and son-in-law all adore this sourdough stuffing, but my daughter-in-law, Amber, is the biggest fan. On Thanksgiving, I always make extra so that my husband can have leftovers. This, however, is an ideal two-person recipe. Kathy Katz, from Ocala, FL
Brown Sugar-Glazed Sweet PotatoesTaste of HomeDomestic Flavors
We have a long-standing custom of serving sweet potatoes topped with apples and raisins. That's just part of the love, and if I suggest changing it, they'll say, "Oh NO, Beema." Florida resident Judy Batson
Rice Dressing Exps Sdon18 8139 E06 12 1b 3
As an alternative to the usual corn bread stuffing, this rice mixture is delicious. Sometimes I'll add some finely chopped cooked chicken and a bit more broth to make it a complete meal. A quote from Bearden, Arkansas's Linda Emery
Holiday Lettuce Salad Exps41195 Cw132792b07 09 6bc Rms 4
This lettuce salad is so refreshing, you'll actually look forward to eating your fruits and vegetables. Eldridge, Iowa's Bryan Braack
Honey-Butter Peas and CarrotsTaste of HomeLike coming home
Vegetable lovers, rejoice: your favorite pairing of peas and carrots just got better. The flavors of the ingredients can really develop when cooked low and slow. Californian Theresa Kreyche
Sweet Onion Creamed Corn Exps Hca17 193884 C11 04 4b 1
This recipe, which a church friend gave me more than 40 years ago, is simple and delicious, and I make it often. Whenever I make it, I think of her fondly because she was from the South. Nancy Heishman from Sin City
Pomegranate Persimmon Salad Exps Sdon16 189816 C06 07 8b 2
To brighten the meal, I make a salad with persimmons, pomegranate seeds, and a puckering vinaigrette. Dublin, California resident Linda Tambunan

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