Simple Black Beans Recipe

I'll show you the quickest way to prepare canned black beans: just 5 minutes. In just a few simple steps, you can turn a can of boring beans into a delicious meal with this recipe.

Black beans

Just how do you whip up a quick and easy meal in under 5 minutes? In the grand scheme of things, this doesn't even deserve to be called a recipe, it's just one of those dirty little secrets from the kitchen. But since all it takes to make something edible is a good idea, this recipe ends up saving us money every week. Rather than eating a can of boring beans, try these Easy Black Beans. Vegan and gluten-free, this dish is packed with plant-based protein and can be served as either a main dish or an accompaniment. It's perfect for those times when you open the pantry and see nothing to eat. Are there canned beans in the house After that, let's get going

Five simple ingredients for a delicious pot of black beans

Only a few simple ingredients are needed to impart an incredible amount of flavor into these black beans. Most of the time, we whip these up automatically without giving them much thought. But now we see that not everyone is in on this secret. You won't need exact measurements after the first time you make it. What you'll need (or just go straight to the recipe) to whip up a quick pot of canned black beans:

  • Canned black beans: There is a wide range of quality when it comes to canned black beans; experiment until you find a brand whose texture and flavor you enjoy. Don't go for low-sodium options because they're usually tasteless.
  • Garlic cloves: Use only fresh garlic cloves in this recipe. Though garlic powder will do in a pinch, nothing beats the flavor of fresh garlic. Not very skilled at preparing it by peeling and chopping For guidance on chopping garlic, see Chopping It Up
  • Garlic and cumin: the latter adds a savory complexity while the former is responsible for the garlic's pungent aroma.
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
Black beans

Instructions for preparing canned black beans

Really, there isn't that much to it Here's the idea behind this simple and quick recipe for canned black beans:

  • You don't need to rinse the beans after draining them. What's the deal with not washing As a first benefit, you won't need to dirty a strainer. Because we're too lazy to Better yet, the beans get an instant saucy texture from the can's leftover liquid.
  • Brown garlic cloves for a minute. Cook until it emits a pleasant aroma and sizzles vigorously, stopping short of browning. From a minute to a minute and a half, at most
  • Two minutes is all it takes to heat up the canned beans, cumin, and salt. Just warm them up is fine. Try it out and see what you think.

You can easily serve 4 people by doubling the recipe.

For this, you'll need one can of black beans. The serving size has a significant impact on how filling the recipe is. However, there are only two servings worth if you plan on using it as a primary protein source. It's simple to multiply by two if you need to feed more than two people.

Black beans recipe

Ideas for serving this recipe for black beans

You might think that cooking black beans takes no more than five minutes. However, you can't eat that Good point But Numerous simple preparations transform it into a satisfying meal. How about some suggestions for serving these black beans:

  • Salsa, cheese, and sour cream, enough for two Wrap them in tortillas and serve with crunchy fresh vegetables, salsa, and sour cream.
  • Rice bowl Put together some rice, or repurpose some leftovers Blend in some avocado and cherry tomatoes.
  • And a flurry of activity Pair with our Scrambled Eggs or Tofu Scramble for a delicious meal.
  • Filling for quesadillas Cook it in a skillet (or oven) sandwiched (with cheese) between two tortillas For extra heat, top with salsa or spicy mayonnaise.
  • Atop a candied yam Prepare these stuffed sweet potatoes in a flash by baking them with black beans and salsa.
  • On a salad Spread them out on the grass Drizzle with a dressing made from cilantro.
  • Burrito Combine it with cheese, bell peppers, salsa, and greens in a large tortilla.

No doubt, many other concepts exist. Tell us in the comments how you like to serve yours.

Black beans

Health benefits of eating black beans

Beans, why are you eating them More black beans in your diet could help you in many ways. Just a few of the many wonderful things about this miraculous fruit are listed below (source):

  • Fantastic protein source. There are 15 grams of protein in 1 cup, which is about a third of your daily requirement.
  • Good source of fiber. In addition, there are 15 grams of fiber per cup, which is roughly half of the recommended daily allowance.
  • When compared to other high-carbohydrate foods, black beans have a lower glycemic index, which means they raise blood sugar less than other foods in this category.

Extra simple bean dishes

Our go-to bean dishes for a quick dinner are as follows:

  • Simple Side Dish of White Beans (also known as Cannellini Beans) It has a ton of plant-based protein and delicious Mediterranean spices.
  • The Best Way to Enjoy Nutritious Butter Beans: a Straightforward Recipe
  • Quick and easy chickpea salad that can be made in under 5 minutes Quick and easy to prepare, this chickpea salad is ideal for a plant-based lunch at the office or a last-minute dinner.
  • Borlotti Beans The creamy, savory flavor of these unusual beans is a real treat.
White beans
Butter beans
Borlotti Beans
Cannellini Beans

The key ingredients in this dish are...

Plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free

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The best method for quickly preparing canned black beans in only 5 minutes is detailed here. With this method, even the most flavorless canned beans become a delicious main course.

  • 15 Black beans, 15-ounce can*
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Approximately 1 Tablespoon olive oil
  • 1/25 of a cup cumin
  • Scant The equivalent of half a teaspoon The Use of Kosher Salt
  1. The beans should be drained but not rinsed. Chop the garlic into small pieces.
  2. Olive oil should be heated over medium heat in a medium saucepan. When the garlic is fragrant but not yet browned, sauté it for 30 seconds to a minute.
  3. Mix in the beans (which should be drained but not rinsed), cumin, kosher salt, and several turns of black pepper. Warm for 2 minutes in the oven. Put some salt on it and see if it needs more. You can keep leftovers in the fridge for up to three days.

This recipe serves 2, but it can easily be doubled to feed 4 people.  

  • Category: Main Dish
  • Method: Stovetop
  • Cuisine: Inspiración Mexicana
  • Diet: Vegan

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