The Best Way to Prepare Pierogi [From Scratch]

If you typed "How to cook pierogi" into Google, chances are you aren't making them from scratch. However, if you are, I have some tried and true recipes here:

The good news is that store-bought dumplings are available to satiate your craving for pierogi.

You can buy pierogi in two different styles:

  • Pierogies from a bag: frequently packaged in sacks or boxes Both cooked and uncooked ("fresh-frozen") options are available. For more information, read the label.  
  • Hot, homemade pierogis: normally arranged in trays They need to be consumed within a few days of being refrigerated (sometimes longer, always read the label). All you have to do to enjoy these pierogi is give them a quick heat to reheat them.  

A Guide to Making Pierogi

Let's go over the process of making pierogi, both from scratch and from frozen, so you're prepared for when the craving hits.

One: Bring to a boil

How to cook frozen pierogi? By boiling. lllustration drawn by Kasia Kronenberger

Boiling is KEY when using frozen pierogi

Chilled precooked pierogi can be boiled and served as is or prepared in another fashion.

Pierogi from a freezer can be boiled in just a few minutes.
The package's directions should be your first stop. These should always be prioritized, as the manufacturing process varies depending on the manufacturer.

Put a lot of salt into a big pot of water and bring it to a boil unless otherwise directed. Toss some pierogies in and see if they float. Cook for an additional 4 minutes at a slightly lower temperature. A further minute should be added if the dumplings are meat-filled. Scoop the pierogies out of the pan using a slotted spoon. Top with whatever you like!

The Best Way to Reheat Frozen Pierogi in the Microwave:
Fill a large (microwave-safe) bowl with enough boiling water to completely cover the pierogi.

Cook the bowl in the microwave for 5 minutes on high. Gently take the dumplings out of the microwave, drain them, and serve.

Note: While the pierogi will be cooked using this method, the end result may be disappointing. On the contrary, I think you should boil them, as explained above.

Fresh Pierogi Boiling Instructions:
Turn on the heat, and add salt to a large pot of water. Toss in some pierogies and see if they float. Take the pierogi out of the pan with a slotted spoon after about 3 minutes. Top with whatever you like!

Fresh Pierogi Cooking Instructions:
Do not ask me why Do not perform the aforementioned action. The pierogies will get hot, but that's about it. Instead, you should try frying them (recipe below).

Second, select one of the following cooking techniques.

Cooking frozen pierogi requires a brief boil. Pierogi can be fried, baked, or grilled without first needing to be boiled, saving you time and effort.

Guidelines for Pan-Frying or Sautéing Pierogi

To prepare the pan, drizzle a small amount of neutral oil or, better yet, butter and spread it around. It's a good time to throw in the chopped onion, bacon, or kiebasa that will be used as a garnish for the finished pierogi. Complement with pierogies Put as many dumplings as you like in a single dish, but don't crowd them. Using a spatula, flip the pieces so they brown on all sides. Cook pierogi in oil until they are golden brown over a medium flame.

How to cook pierogi? By frying. lllustration drawn by Kasia Kronenberger

Pierogi get an incredible crispiness from being sautéed. This is the best way I've found to prepare them; you should try it. and it's a decision you won't be sorry you made

Pierogi Preparation by Steaming: Prepare a steaming basket with boiling water and then add the pierogi. Steam the dumplings for 10 minutes with the lid on and the heat on medium.  

Pierogi Baking Instructions: To get started, set the oven temperature to 356 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or aluminum foil and grease it. Brush the pierogi with the melted butter or oil and place them on top in a single layer. Bake for 20 minutes, covered with paper or foil, turning once. Pierogis lose their moistness if the filling is not protected by the dough.

Preparing Pierogi for the Grill: Pierogi should be brushed with melted butter and seasoned with salt and pepper before being served. Cook pierogies on a disposable tray or right on the grill grates. Cook them on the grill for 8 to 12 minutes, turning them often, until they are golden.

How to cook pierogi? By grilling on a BBQ. lllustration drawn by Kasia Kronenberger

Traditionally, Polish pierogi are not grilled, but if you happen to have a grill going, that's a great way to get them warmed up! They'll brown and crisp up nicely.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Deep-Frying Pierogies: Bring a lot of neutral oil to a boil, then fill a large pot with it. Carefully drop in a handful of pierogi at a time once the oil reaches frying temperature (356°F/180°C); frying too many at once causes them to stick together. Swap their orientation for a more uniform hue. When the pierogi turn golden and float to the surface, remove them carefully and drain them on paper towels.

Pierogi Recipe for Air Frying: Five or six frozen pierogi at a time can be fried in an air fryer preheated to 365°F (180°C). Prepare in an air fryer for 8-10 minutes, or until golden and crisp. The cooking time for frozen pierogi is increased to 16-18 minutes.

Slow Cooker or Crock-Pot Pierogi Instructions: Put a layer of pierogi (fresh or frozen) in the bottom of the slow cooker. Spreading butter on pierogi makes them less likely to stick together. Finely chopped caramelized onion or fried bacon/kiebasa pieces are optional toppings. Keep piling on the dumplings until you're out of ingredients. Cover and cook on "low" for three to four hours, or until the dumplings are tender.

Components for Filling Pierogis

Traditional Polish dumplings bursting with meat, cheese, or sauerkraut ) taste great drizzled with melted butter, topped with a dollop of sour cream, and topped with chopped caramelized onions and fried pieces of Polish kiebasa (bacon).

Melted butter, sweetened cream, honey, whipped cream, and fresh fruit are perfect complements to dessert dumplings (like Farmer's Cheese Pierogi, fruit-filled pierogi). Sweeten with sugar or spice with cinnamon.

Take a look at our Pierogi Fillings for a comprehensive resource.

Is it safe to let frozen pierogi thaw in the fridge overnight before boiling them?

Pierogi don't hold together well after thawing, so don't do that.

Maybe you could try making something similar on your own next time.

It's easier than you think to make your own pierogi! Che

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