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Pancakes Without Baking Powder

Pancakes Without Baking Powder
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Light and fluffy pancakes and no baking powder needed! These pancakes have that classic flavor perfect for topping with maple syrup, fruit, or your favorite toppings.

More than once I’ve been in the mood to make homemade pancakes only to discover that I’m all out of baking powder.

And if you’ve seen any of my other recipes, you know I refuse to make a special trip to the grocery store for a single ingredient.

So when it comes to making pancakes, I had to find a way to get that light and fluffy texture without baking powder.

Since baking powder is a leavening agent, it provides the majority of that wonderful lift. So we have to get a little creative, but luckily this recipe isn’t difficult to make at all!

Make sure to bookmark or pin this recipe so you have the next time you want to make pancakes when you’re out of baking powder.

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How to Make Homemade Pancakes without Baking Powder

stack of homemade pancakes on wooden table

This recipe yields about eight pancakes, which is enough for my family of four. How many pancakes you get does depend on how big (or small) you make yours.

Prep time is about ten minutes and cook time is another fifteen minutes, give or take.

You’ll need two mixing bowls, a hand mixer, a spatula, and your preferred cooking surface. Sometimes I use a griddle, but I usually use a cast iron skillet. The choice is your.

When making pancakes from scratch, most recipes call for baking powder to produce a light and fluffy texture.

But just because you’re out of baking powder doesn’t mean you can’t make a tasty batch of fluffy pancakes. In fact, this recipe uses common ingredients that you probably already have on hand.

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homemade pancake ingredients spread out on a table

Since we are using common ingredients, you most likely won’t have to make any substitutions. But just in case you are out of something, you can find some common alternatives below our ingredients list.

But keep in mind that substitutions can alter your final flavor and texture.

Pancake Ingredients

  • All-Purpose Flour
  • Eggs
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Whole Milk
  • Butter
  • Vanilla Extract (optional)
  • Salt

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Substitutions and Alternatives

closeup of stick of butter on butter holder

I’ve included some alternative options for the ingredients I’m asked about most frequently. So if you are out of anything, the following ingredients will work in a pinch.

All-Purpose Flour: All-purpose flour is the base for our pancakes. If you are all out you can use wheat flour, self rising flour, or a gluten free flour such as almond flour or cassava flour.

Whole Milk: Whole provides both fat and protein to our pancakes so low fat options will reduce the height of your pancakes. But a lower fat milk can be used as well as alternatives such as almond milk or soy milk.

Butter: Butter provides fat and flavor to our pancakes. If you need a replacement use olive oil, canola oil, or vegetable oil.

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view from above of pancakes in skillet and container of maple syrup

Once you have all your ingredients gathered it’s time to get cooking!

Step 1: Add you all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, and salt to your mixing bowl and stir until combined.

Step 2: Separate your eggs into two bowl (yolks in one and whites in the other).

Step 3: In a separate mixing bowl, add your yolks, milk, softened butter, and vanilla extract. Whisk by hand until well combined.

Step 4: While stirring, slowly add your dry mixture until well combined.

Step 5: In your now empty mixing bowl, add your egg whites and whip with your hand mixer until peaks are formed.

Step 6: Immediately fold your whipped egg whites into your mixture until fully incorporated.

Step 7: Bring your skillet to medium heat and use oil or butter to grease your pan.

Note: If using an electric griddle, heat to 375 degrees

Step 8: Once pan has come to temperature, ladle in desired amount of pancake batter.

Step 9: Flip pancake when the entire top of pancake has tiny bubbles formed.

Step 10: Once second side has cooked remove pancake from heat and repeat until all pancake batter is cooked.

Step 11: Top with your favorite pancake toppings and serve immediately.

batch of homemade pancakes made without baking powder in a cast iron pan
Light and fluffy homemade pancakes perfect for a sweet family breakfast.
  • 2 Cups All-Purpose Flour
  • 4 Large Eggs seperated
  • 1 Cup Whole Milk
  • 3 Tbs Granulated Sugar
  • ¼ tsp Salt
  • 5 Tbs Unsalted Butter softened
  • 1 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract optional
  • Add you all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, and salt to your mixing bowl and stir until combined
  • Separate your eggs into two bowl (yolks in one and whites in the other)
  • In a separate mixing bowl, add your yolks, milk, softened butter, and vanilla extract. Whisk by hand until well combined
  • While stirring, slowly add your dry mixture until well combined
  • In your now empty mixing bowl, add your egg whites and whip with your hand mixer until peaks are formed
  • Immediately fold your whipped egg whites into your mixture until fully incorporated
  • Bring your skillet to medium heat and use oil or butter to grease your pan
  • Note: If using an electric griddle, heat to 375 degrees
  • Once pan has come to temperature, ladle in desired amount of pancake batter
  • Flip pancake when the entire top of pancake has tiny bubbles formed
  • Once second side has cooked remove pancake from heat and repeat until all pancake batter is cooked
  • Top with your favorite pancake toppings and serve immediately

Recipe Notes

  • Make sure to start cooking your pancakes as soon as you finish folding in your whipped egg whites for the best results.
  • You can stir in any add ins such as chocolate chips or berries right before folding in your egg whites.
  • Serve your pancakes immediately after cooking.
Crispy Waffle Recipe From Scratch

26-04-2022 · Preheat waffle iron according to manufacturers instructions. Slowly fold the the egg whites into the waffle batter. Belgian Light N Crispy Waffles Recipe Cdkitchen Com . This waffle batter starts with a traditional methodpour the wet ingredients over the dry and then whisk until just combined. Crispy waffle recipe from scratch


Preheat waffle iron according to manufacturers instructions. Slowly fold the the egg whites into the waffle batter.

2607-3868-mx.jpg Belgian Light N Crispy Waffles Recipe Cdkitchen Com

This waffle batter starts with a traditional methodpour the wet ingredients over the dry and then whisk until just combined.


Crispy waffle recipe from scratch. Pour the melted butter and the vanilla into the batter and whisk until mostly smooth. Serve with whipped cream. According to the legend the Liege waffle from the city of Liege eastern Belgium was invented by a cook of the Prince-Bishop of Liege in the 18 Th century.

Waffle may not initially seem crispy to the touch but will crisp up out of the waffle. Add the milk and the eggs. The cook then tried to bake in a waffle maker a brioche type pastry with pearl sugar blended in the dough.

Place a baking sheet in oven and preheat oven to 200F or warm. Preheat the waffle iron. Preheat waffle iron and cook batter according to your irons instructions typically 4 to 6 minutes per waffle until waffle is nicely golden and has mostly stopped releasing steam.

Dip a pastry brush into the reserved melted butter and coat the waffle iron lightly. Coupled with flour its this ingredient that guarantees waffles that are crisp on the outside and tender yet toothsome on the inside. Whisk cake flour 1 tablespoon sugar and salt together in a medium bowl.

Pour onto the hot waffle. These are totally freezable. Waffles are delicious nutritious and easy to make.

The Prince-Bishop had asked for a pastry filled with big pieces of pearl sugar. Try our homemade waffles recipe and I promise that you will never buy the boxed stuff again. Combine the flour salt baking powder and sugar in a medium-size mixing bowl.

Check out the recipe below and try something new today. All-purpose flour The main ingredient to make the batter. Optionally read our waffle making tips before checking out How to make the best homemade Waffles from scratch Light crispy waffles.

Cornstarch Our secret ingredient for the crispiest waffles. Cornstarch may look a little out of place in a waffle recipe but its role is key. Serving Storing your light and crispy waffles.

These waffles become even crispier when sprinkling cheddar cheese on the grid iron then adding waffle batter then another layer of cheddar cheese. Add in batter according to your waffle iron for mine we use a scant 12 cup of batter Cook as directed by your. There is no need for packaged mix when it is this easy to make fluffy and crispy waffles entirely from scratch.

Whisk in milk vegetable oil vanilla and egg yolks. Heres what you need.

fullsizeoutput_1a091.jpeg Classic Crispy Waffles The Bakermama

image?url= Light And Crispy Waffles Recipe Pam Anderson Food Wine

the-best-belgian-waffles-foolproof-recipe-1-1.jpg Crispy Belgian Waffles Recipe Cooking Lsl

Easy-Waffle-Recipe-16.jpg Simple Easy Waffle Recipe Fluffy Crispy Waffles A Spicy Perspective

k/archive/248c758d813e1af24bb03fe19ec7d0503332b1d6 How To Make The Lightest Crispiest Waffles Kitchn

Light--n--Crispy-Waffles_exps30636_FM143298C03_07_1bC_RMS.jpg Light N Crispy Waffles Recipe How To Make It Taste Of Home

fc47an063-01-main.jpg Light Crisp Waffles Recipe Finecooking

Waffle-recipe.jpg Easy Waffles Recipe Thas 5 Years Ago Waffle Recipe Crispy Homemade Waffles And Easy To Make The Best Tasting Waffles Waffles Has Been Our Favorite Weekend Breakfast I D Tried A Few Different Kinds Of Waffles Cornmeal Waffles Nutella Waffles And

1383787355520.jpeg Classic Crispy Waffles Recipe Food Network Kitchen Food Network

crispy-waffles-image-square.jpg The Very Best Crispy Waffles For Two Baking Mischief

Waffle-Recipe-1-1200.jpg Light And Crispy Waffles

9cfcb3c252d6b238e9d6555846d3ac3d.png Light And Crispy Waffles Video Recipe Video Homemade Waffles Waffle Recipes Best Waffle Recipe

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How To Make Sugar Scrub For Body

05-01-2022 · Its just 4 easy steps and 5 minutes prep! Here is how to make your own exfoliating scrub: Blend the oil phase. Add the carrier oil, essential oils, and vitamin E into a jar or small mixing bowl and stir to combine. Prep the sugar base. Put the sugar, mica powder and other dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl.


Basic Sugar Scrub Recipe

How to Make DIY Sugar Scrub | Exfoliating Body Scrub

What You Need

  • 1 cup Finely Granulated Sugar
  • ½ cup Carrier Oil add more if you prefer an oilier scrub, less if you prefer a drier scrub. Remember, you want the scrub to have the consistency of wet sand neither too dry nor too wet.
  • 4 drops Essential Oils less is more when it comes to essential oils. Do not add more than the recommended amount.
  • 1 Wide-Mouthed Glass Mason Jar or Cosmetic Container

How To Make Your Own Body Scrub At Home My Best Recipes

Making a natural sugar body scrub is as easy as gathering the ingredients needed, and mixing them all together.

Here Im giving you my best recipes.

Keep in mind that sometimes, depending on the quality and brand of ingredients you use, you might need to add more or less sugar and/or carrier oil.

To get the recipe right, aim at a sandy consistency. If the mix is too soupy or runny, the sugar will dissolve too fast. Hence you wont be able to use the scrub. If that happens, simply add more sugar.

What Are The Benefits Of Body Scrubs

Exfoliation with a body scrub, or with other types of products like a brush or loofah, can help boost the health and appearance of your skin in several ways.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, exfoliation can leave your skin looking brighter because it removes the top layer of dead skin cells. It can also stimulate the production of collagen, which may help your skin stay firm and radiant.

Another benefit of exfoliation is that it can improve the efficacy of topical treatments. If you exfoliate your skin before applying a cream, for example, the cream will be able to penetrate more deeply instead of sitting on the surface.

In addition, massaging your skin with a body scrub can also be a wonderful way to relax and feel calmer, especially if youre tired or stressed.

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Can Sugar Scrubs Be Used On The Face

Sugar scrubs can absolutely be sued on the face so long as you are using them properly!

Its very important that when using a sugar scrub that you dont over-exfoliate or exfoliate too harshly.

When used improperly, scrubs can actually cause irritation and inflammation if the scrub is too abrasive.

We love brown sugar in our scrubs, well cover more about it later but, one of the reasons is that it tends to be less abrasive than other sugars!

If you choose to use a sugar scrub on your face, dont use it more than once or twice a week and rather than scrubbing, use light circular motions to exfoliate.

How To Store Diy Sugar Scrub:

Whiten Your Skin Naturally for more detail visit our ...

Its necessary that you store this sugar scrub in a glass container. Essential oils can strip plastic and should always be stored in glass. I recommend storing this sugar scrub in an airtight container.

It will last up to 6 months if youre careful not to get water in it, although Im sure youll use it up before then

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Homemade Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils

In the recipe below I provide an option to add citrus zest or essential oils to the sugar scrub for scent, but it is still wonderful on its own. This is a great basic starter set of essential oils that I love. Each of those scents would make a wonderful addition to the scrub and add extra benefits.

  • Citrus is said to boost your mood and energy.
  • During cold and flu season I like to add OnGuard essential oil.
  • For more of a spa vibe I use eucalyptus and lavendar essential oil for a really soothing blend.
  • If you dont want any fragrance or benefits other than the scrub you can simply leave the essential oils out.

I also provided the option of adding vitamin E oil for an extra moisture boost. This is not required and the sugar scrub is wonderful with just the coconut oil and sugar, but Ive found the extra nourishment from vitamin E is so nice for super dry hands!

Spiced Vanilla Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe

I know I dont often share beauty products, but after a summer spent in the mountains of Montana, I arrived back to California in need of some serious skincare. I love natural products with as few ingredients as possible, so rather than go to my local beauty supply, I decided to create a simple body scrub using only ingredients I had in my kitchen. The result was a spiced vanilla homemade sugar scrub that I will be using for months to come. I so love how this turned out, that I wanted to share the recipe with you all today!

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How Do You Make A Body Scrub

Making your own DIY natural and organic body sugar scrub couldnt be easier.

No need to go to the local store and buy expensive products, when the alternative is far healthier and cheaper!

You already have all the ingredients in your pantry, so no excuses!

Ill show you HOW TO MAKE A SUGAR BODY SCRUB USING ESSENTIAL OILS: find my best recipes at the end of this post for the exact ingredients and methods!


Sign up for my free newsletter now, and get access to my FREE EBOOK 7 NATURAL BODY SCRIB RECIPES!

Emulsified Sugar Scrub Recipes

If youd like to try a recipe for making body scrubs with emulsifiers, then try one of these emulsified sugar scrub recipes:

  • Anti-Aging Emulsified Sugar Scrub: This anti-aging natural emulsified sugar scrub recipe contains ingredients mature and aging skin loves without feeling heavy or greasy. It naturally exfoliates with granulated white sugar and then rinses cleanly away so its great even for oily or acne prone skin can benefit.
  • Whipped Body Butter Soufflé: This emulsified body scrub is whipped to perfection. Formulated with emulsifying wax and xanthan gum powder, this recipe also contains hydrating body butters for natural skin care.
  • Moldable Rainbow Sugar Scrub: Learn how to make a glittering unicorn inspired, moldable rainbow sugar scrub with this creative recipe that you can mold and shape!
  • Whipped Sugar Scrub Recipe: If you have dull or dry skin, this homemade whipped sugar scrub recipe will rejuvenate and exfoliate skin. Made with natural skin care ingredients, this emulsified sugar scrub naturally exfoliates and hydrates for soft, beautiful skin.

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How To Make A Sugar And Coffee Scrub

This article was co-authored by Diana Yerkes. Diana Yerkes is the Lead Esthetician at Rescue Spa in New York City, New York. Diana is a member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals and holds certifications from the Wellness for Cancer and Look Good Feel Better programs. She received her esthetics education from the Aveda Institute, the International Dermal Institute, the Biologique Reserche Academy, and she is continuing her education with personal training from highly renowned Danuta Mieloch.There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, several readers have written to tell us that this article was helpful to them, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 211,713 times.

Sugar scrubs are great at exfoliating away dead skin, but did you know that if you add some ground coffee to your scrub, you can help reduce cellulite? They are also great at exfoliating and may help reduce puffiness, making them perfect for mornings.XResearch source Some people find that sugar and coffee scrubs also help reduce cellulite to a certain extent.

How To Make An Easy Sugar Scrub Recipe

Ready to try our DIY sugar scrub recipe? Lets do it! Its just 4 easy steps and 5 minutes prep! Here is how to make your own exfoliating scrub:

  • Blend the oil phase. Add the carrier oil, essential oils, and vitamin E into a jar or small mixing bowl and stir to combine.
  • Prep the sugar base. Put the sugar, mica powder and other dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Stir to combine.

Tip: If using botanicals , place the sugar and botanicals into a food processor and blend until combine and the botanicals are well dispersed.

  • Mix the sugar scrub. Pour the oils over the sugar and combine.
  • Store the sugar scrub. Transfer the sugar scrub into airtight glass jars or storage containers and store sealed until ready to use.

This simple process is the same for all of the following six DIY sugar scrub recipes.

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Vanilla Sugar Scrub Benefits

I find the scent of vanilla relaxing and calming, which is why I like to use the homemade vanilla scrub at night. Vanilla is said to soothe inflammation and has antioxidant properties that neutralise free radicals, aiding in anti-ageing skincare.

The use of raw cane sugar is perfect to buff away callous skin on elbows, knees, and the bottom of the feet and heels.

How Long Will Sugar Scrub Last

DIY Brown Sugar

Months and months.

The high sugar content acts as a preservative so it should be fine for a long time.

Then I tied a simple tag on there with some string. I just used bakers twine and some round cut-outs I made from scrapbook paper. You dont need a Cricut or anything fancy for this.

These are great little inexpensive gifts you can give to teachers, friends, new moms, or to use as stocking stuffers or simply thank you gifts!

Making DIY beauty products can be so much fun. And I feel better using things on my skin that you can easily find at the store

I also made some Homemade Holiday Sugar Scrub variations for Christmastime! Candy Cane and Gingerbread scrubs have become some of my favorite.

I also did a Chocolate Sugar Scrub for Valentines Day!

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Do Sugar Scrubs Need A Preservative

An easy sugar scrub recipe recipe does not technically need a preservative since there are no water based ingredients. However, since you use the scrub on wet skin in the shower or bath, there is a risk that you can introduce water and bacteria or other germs from your hands. Therefore, I recommend using a preservative in a homemade sugar scrub recipe if you store it for later.

How To Make Sugar Scrubs To Sell

If youd like to make sugar scrubs to sell then you need to take steps to ensure the integrity of your product. This includes following food manufacturing practices, labeling your products correctly, testing your finished products, and following your local state and federal guidelines for sale of your products.

Here are the basic steps to making sugar scrubs to sell:

  • Test recipes using different ingredients. Keep careful records for your ingredients and suppliers. I recommend weighing your products instead of using volume measurements like cups. Make sure that you use the appropriate preservative type and amount.
  • Use your scrub recipes yourself and give to friends and family to test for 3 to 6 months. Ask for reviews from friends and family.
  • When youve decided on your final recipe, create a large batch and place in containers for sale following good manufacturing practices. When you create your labels, be sure to include all necessary information, including ingredients in descending order. Check local, state and federal laws to ensure that your products are in compliance.

I also recommend the books Good Manufacturing Practices for Soap and Cosmetic Handcrafters by Marie Gale as well as Soap and Cosmetic Labeling: How to Follow the Rules and Regs Explained in Plain English. These books provide detailed information on guidelines for producing products as well as information on labeling your skin care products correctly.

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Howto Make Body Scrub

Body scrubs are really easy to make and take about a few minutes. So ditch the store-bought scrubs and make your own at home!

Get the ingredients: Ina mixing bowl, add all ingredients.

Mix: Mix the ingredientsthoroughly. Add more oil if its toocrumbly, and add more sugar or salt if itstoo oily.

Store in a container: Once youve reached the desired consistency, spoon your body scrub into an airtight container.

How Do Sugar Scrubs Work

DIY Sugar Scrub How To Make DIY Body Scrub!

The two main ingredients in a sugar scrub are sugar granules and skin-friendly carrier oil. These two ingredients work together to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. The result? Softer, smoother skin and a more youthful glow with zero effort and minimal expense.

Essential oils may be optional but they are a powerful addition in many of the sugar scrub recipes youll find below.

Heres a look at how each of the ingredients works by themselves and together in a homemade sugar scrub with essential oils.

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Cinnamon Orange Sugar Scrub

This cinnamon orange sugar scrub is the perfect winter pick-me-up. Nourishing coconut oil will leave your skin soft, while fragrant cinnamon and orange will make you smell like the holidays! This sugar body scrub makes a great DIY gift too, ideal for self-care Sundays.

Theres just something about homemade things that makes them extra special. Whether that is a box of home-baked cookies or a jar of body scrub, like this cinnamon orange sugar scrub. I think its a nice way to show love, either to someone else or to yourself.

And you know by now how much I love crafty things, I mean just look at these ornaments. Making homemade body scrub is right up there on my yearly list of things to do when it gets dark way too early and way too cold to do anything sensible outside. When that happens Im all about baking very sweet things, expanding my skincare routine, hiding under blankets you know, the usual.

What Ingredients And Tools Do You Need To Make A Natural Body Scrub

You will find that only a few ingredients are needed in order to make a DIY natural body scrub. In fact, you most likely have them in your pantry!

Generally speaking, a body scrub will need:

  • sugar / salt
  • carrier oil
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Essential Oils .

The tools you will need are simply some clean, glass jars with a sealable lid, and some spoons. Make sure to thoroughly clean and dry the tools required before using them.

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The Best Diy Sugar Scrub Recipes For Glowing Skin And Gift Giving

Learn how to make the best sugar scrub recipes for glowing skin! Included are 6 easy and natural recipes for lavender, rose, lemon, vanilla, mint and coffee sugar scrub. The skincare tutorial comes with tips for using and storing homemade body scrub, plus free printable sugar scrub labels for gift giving.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Learn more

How Do You Make Sugar Scrub Glow

The Best Homemade Body Scrub Recipes to Make at Home ...

How to make a body scrub at home? Lets do it together!

Its just 4 easy steps and 5 minutes prep. Here is how to make your own exfoliating scrub:

1. The oil phase chose your carrier oil, mix with essential oils, and vitamin E into a jar or a small mixing bowl. Stir to combine.

2. Prep the sugar base. In case you will use only botanicals like me, place the sugar and botanicals into a food processor and blend until combine and the botanicals are well dispersed.

Mix the sugar scrub. Pour the oils over the sugar and combine.

Store the sugar scrub. Transfer the sugar scrub into airtight glass jars or storage containers and store sealed until ready to use.

This simple process is the same for all of the following four DIY sugar scrub recipes.

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Can I Use Sugar To Exfoliate My Body

Yes, yeas and YES!

Sugar may not be the perfect ingredient for you health and diet, but a sugar scrub can be very good for your skin.

And Im not talking about those expensive scrubs in department stores and luxury cosmetic shops. They really cost pennies to make.

Im talking about simple beauty recipes with all natural ingredients.

I use sugar scrubs on my face, body and especially feet. Because using sugar is the best way to moisturize and exfoliate your skin.

Its so easy to make your own sugar scrub at home.

Glycolic acid occurs naturally in sugar, and is helpful for cleansing the skin and dissolving dead skin cells. Its also a humectant and will not strip your skin of its precious natural oils.

What Essential Oils Are Best For Sugar Scrub

Essential Oils are an optional ingredient in my recipes, but I highly recommend you use them.

Not only they will provide you with a pleasant aroma, but they have incredible benefits for your skin and your overall health.

If you have been been following me for a while, you know that I exclusively use Doterra Essential Oils in my home.

Doterra is the only company that gives me peace of mind when it comes to using products on my children. They provide Essential Oils of the highest possible quality, 100% pure and adulterated.

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Find The Supplies You Need For This Project Below

  • 2 Rectangle Molds with Lids
  • 2 oz. Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base
  • 2 oz. Sweet Almond Oil
  • 2 mL Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil
  • 6 oz. White Granulated Sugar
  • Fired Up Fuchsia Colorant
  • Fizzy Lemonade Colorant
Chop 2 ounces of Clear Melt and Pour Soap into small, even pieces. Place into a heat safe container. Add 2 ounces of sweet almond oil. Measure 6 ounces of granulated sugar into a separate container. Have two Rectangle Molds with Lids ready to go, with the lids off.Chop off a hunk of the Fizzy Lemonade Color Block or Fired Up Fuchsia Color Block and place it into the container with the melt and pour soap. Add 2 mL of Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil.Place the container in the microwave for about 35 seconds, or until the soap is completely melted but not boiling. Remove from the microwave and stir to thoroughly mix together the soap, colorant and fragrance oil.Pour the sugar into the mixture and stir very quickly and rigorously for about 10 seconds. Quickly pour the mixture into the 2 molds. If it becomes too thick to pour, place the mixture into the microwave using 5-10 seconds to loosen the mixture. Don’t microwave for too long, or the sugar can melt.Allow the cubes to harden in the mold for several hours until completely cool and firm. Release from the mold and cut into 6 cubes. Store the cubes in an airtight package to prevent glycerin dew.
‘Podcast marathon’ featuring who’s who of Triangle startup ...

14-03-2022 · Earfluence is one of the Triangle’s fastest-growing podcast production companies, offering a full range of services, from concept to marketing, …


DURHAM — Back in 2017, Jason Gillikin was 12 years into his career as a sales rep for an e-commerce agency. He was comfortable, he admits, but he was also looking for something more.

“I started thinking about my professional legacy and building something from the ground up,” said the 42 year old Raleighite. “I was also falling in love with podcasting.”

Today, Gillikin runs one of the Triangle’s fastest-growing podcast production companies, Earfluence, offering a full range of services, from concept to marketing, recording and production. This Wednesday, March 16, Earfluence is launching its second studio – this time out of the Durham-based startup hub American Underground, a division of Capitol Broadcasting Company (as is WRAL TechWire) — with an eight-hour, “podcast marathon” featuring a “who’s who” in the Triangle’s entrepreneurial scene.

Earfluence’s Jason Gillikin talks about rise of podcasts, impact on Triangle startup community

Starting at 10am and running until 6pm, Earfluence will livestream back-to-back, one-hour podcasts through various social media channels, featuring a slew of guests. Among them: The Diversity Movement’s Donald Thompson (an Earfluence investor); Momentum Learning’s Jessica Mitsch Homes; and Ricky Moore, owner of Saltbox Seafood and recent James Beard award nominee. (For full schedule, go here.)

[’s Kathy Hanrahan, editor of Out & About, will be interviewing some guests from the DPAC at 3 p.m. during the marathon.]

“We wanted to create content that could be all about what’s going on in Durham, introduce Earfluence to the Bull City and, honestly, just have some fun,” he said.

Jason Gillikin and startup founder Justin Laidlaw recording a session in one of Earfluence’s podcast studios.

Podcasts have been around for over two decades, but in the last six years the industry has exploded. Forecasts project podcast listeners will exceed 160 million by 2023. The industry itself is expected to be valued at .88 billion by 2028.

“Podcasting has a long way to go before coming close to a saturation point,” Gillikin said, who started out producing an in-house podcast at his former agency before moving on to record a podcast for his wife’s wedding planning business. Things quickly spiraled from there.

“It was the lightbulb moment for me,” he recalled after witnessing his wife’s career explode in the wake of her podcast’s success. “Podcasting isn’t all about creating viral sensations and selling ads for Squarespace and HelloFresh and MeUndies. Podcasts could truly be an extremely powerful medium for businesses and individuals to showcase what they know.”

Earfluence launched its first studio in Raleigh Founded, another co-working hub, in 2019.

“Co-working spaces are a natural fit for us because of all the connections to startups,” he said. “Podcasts are becoming an essential part of showcasing your expertise, and demand continues to grow.”

The studio is free for American Underground members and available to use after going through a training session. It’s also available for rent to the public. For more information, email at [email protected]

Marathon Seafood Festival: The real deal of fresh seafood

13-03-2022 · Marathon Seafood Festival: Just the facts. Admission: , children under 12 free. No pets. Directions: Head south on the Overseas Highway to Mile Marker 49, the Marathon Community Park, 200 36th St., which is the ocean side of the road.There is some free parking around town, but your best bet may be schools and churches that charge for parking as a fund …


Last updated on March 14th, 2022 at 10:08 am

The Marathon Seafood Festival calls itself the Original Marathon Seafood Festival to emphasize it’s the real deal – indigenous and authentic.

Our Florida Seafood Festival calendar lists more than 70 seafood festivals; the Keys have at least two others.

But the Marathon Seafood Festival is the oldest seafood festival in the Keys. It was founded in 1976 by commercial fishermen, and it’s the fishermen who catch and cook all of the seafood.

Their wives bake the Key Lime pies and desserts, according to event coordinator Leah Luckin.

Folks eating seafood Marathon Seafood Festival
Chowing down for fresh seafood.

The event, now the second most popular festival in the Keys after Key West Fantasy Fest, has grown to include live music, a fine art show, boat show, rides and games and booths selling products ranging seagrass hats to sculptures made from old lobster traps.

More than 200 vendors are expected.

Seafood, fresh off the boat, however, is the real reason to attend the two-day festival.

Traffic Note: Festival weekends in the Keys can be a test of patience. There is only one highway through the Keys, and traffic jams are common even on “quiet” weekends. One recent weekend, we spent several hours crawling past a nautical flea market in Plantation Key.

The most popular item is a Florida lobster dinner. In 2019 (the last year it was held because of the pandemic), more than 2,000 pounds of local spiny lobster was served. And it may be your last chance at the tasty crustaceans… lobster season ends on March 31.

The lines are also long for stone crab, shrimp, fish, conch fritters and chowder. The Keys are also prime harvest grounds for the stone crab, also nearing the end of its season in May.

More than 50 gallons of conch chowder will be served cup by cup that weekend, according to event statistics from past years. Conch is illegal to harvest in Florida, so it is imported from the Bahamas and other areas of the Caribbean.

The festival will serve kegs and kegs of beer and many gallons of wine along with all the sides including hush puppies, cole slaw and French fries, and, of course, Key Lime pie.

Visitors to Marathon Seafood Festival
Visitors to Marathon Seafood Festival show off their lunch


Live music from a variety of genres is featured throughout the festival.


11 a.m. — John Bartus & Adrienne Z — Acoustic classic rock

1 p.m. — Rolando Rojas & Caribe — Hispanic music, salsa, merengue

3 p.m. — I-Land Vibe, Caribbean dance band

5 p.m. — Igor & The Red Elvises, Rock humor

7 p.m. until Closing — The Rock Show! — Rock tributes to the 60s, 70s and 80s.


11 a.m. — Brian Roberts, Island music & trop rock

1 p.m. — The Lady “A” Blues Band, blues

3 p.m. until Close — The Southern Blood Band, Southern rock

Marathon Seafood Festival: Just the facts

Admission: , children under 12 free. No pets.

Directions: Head south on the Overseas Highway to Mile Marker 49, the Marathon Community Park, 200 36th St., which is the ocean side of the road. There is some free parking around town, but your best bet may be schools and churches that charge for parking as a fund-raiser. Many offer shuttles.

Hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.  It gets crowded.  The earlier you get there the better, say the event organizers.

Official web site: Marathon Seafood Festival. 

Your complete guide to the Florida Keys: Overseas Highway Mile Marker Guide

Where to stay

The Marathon Seafood Festival occurs in peak season, so rooms will go for their highest rates of the year.

The most reasonably priced accommodations will be in 1950s-era mom-and-pop motels, which dot the Keys. While not luxurious, many retain a lot of Keys character.  

Vacation home rentals in Marathon have become extremely popular — and more available — in recent years.

Book a hotel room at

Book a vacation home at

Book a vacation home at VACASA


Marathon’s Boot Key Harbor is popular with boaters mooring for the night while transiting the Keys.

Read more: Marathon is the seagoing heart of the Florida Keys


RV camping in the Keys is more expensive than ever during winter and spring months. A spot check of rates at both small and large RV parks showed RVers will pay stiff rates for a basic site. It’s much cheaper in state parks, but those sites have been booked solid for a year.

Private RV Parks

These are peak season rates and do NOT include boat dockage fees and 12.5% sales and tourism taxes.

Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge, 33000 Overseas Highway, Big Pine Key. 114 sites. Hookups: 0 and up.

Coconut Cay RV Park and Marina, 7200 Aviation Blvd., Marathon. (Behind the airport) Phone: 305-289-1870. Rates: 6 and up per night.

Fiesta Key RV Resort and Marina, 70001 Overseas Hwy, Layton. 300 sites. Rates: 0 per night.

Grassy Key RV Park, 58671 Overseas Highway, Marathon. Phone: 305-289-1606. 34 sites. Rates: 4 and up per night.

Jolly Roger RV Resort, 59275 Overseas Highway, Marathon. Phone: 305-289-0404. 130 sites. Rates: 4 per night.

Sun Outdoors RV Resort (formerly Pelican RV Resort), 59151 Overseas Highway, Marathon. Phone: 305-289-0011. 95 sites. Rates: 0 per night.

Sunshine Key RV Resort, 38801 Overseas Highway, Big Pine Key. 400 sites. Phone: (305) 872-2217. Rates: 0 and up per night.

State Parks with Camping

Read More

  • Camping near Key West
  • Classic Keys cabins on Big Pine Key

Resources for planning a Florida Keys vacation

Special places near Marathon Seafood Festival

Read More: 2022-23 Florida Seafood Festival Calendar

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By Adriana Abreu

The Morada Way Arts & Cultural District in Islamorada saw many independent vendors for the 5th annual Islamorada Seafood Fest & Art Show on March 20. Vendors sold everything from jean jackets to jewelry, and of course, seafood from many local restaurants. Visitors came out to enjoy the flavors and festivities, drink their favorite local beer, as usual, and to support Moose Lodge Charities, as well as a few others including Mother Ocean Fund. The event closed out with an impressive street parade from a renowned Bahamian junkanoo.

A cheerful Bahamian junkanoo takes the streets near the end of the festival.
Street performers add a little more flavor to this already diverse event.
You know what goes well with seafood? Beer. And you can never have enough beer. This local agrees.
Mother Ocean Fund’s booth. Many stopped by to support local charities and help clean the reefs.
Visitors enjoying some of the seafood.
Art and more art.

17-03-2022 · A product of the Marathon Chamber of Commerce and the Marathon chapter of the Organized Fishermen of Florida, the two-day party saw thousands of visitors from around the globe come together after a one-year hiatus to enjoy a weekend of shopping, games, spot-on entertainment, drinks and, of course, signature Keys seafood.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we had all been waiting for.

Marathon’s largest annual event returned in force as the 46th Original Marathon Seafood Festival resumed its rightful place at the Marathon Community Park on March 12 and 13. A product of the Marathon Chamber of Commerce and the Marathon chapter of the Organized Fishermen of Florida, the two-day party saw thousands of visitors from around the globe come together after a one-year hiatus to enjoy a weekend of shopping, games, spot-on entertainment, drinks and, of course, signature Keys seafood.

With well north of 100 vendors who persevered through an untimely and surprisingly powerful squall line on Saturday afternoon, the fields became a bustling marketplace for artists, businesses and community organizations, while a boat show greeted attendees at the entrance. “A few of our vendors reported having their best show ever,” said Chamber of Commerce accounting and events manager Jeanine D’Amico. “Even with the weather forcing some vendors to close early Saturday, they broke record sales in the first half of the day and did even better on Sunday.”

“The festival was as successful as we could have hoped,” said Chamber of Commerce CEO Daniel Samess. “I think people were excited to be back outside at one of the best events in the Keys, and it showed. We probably had one of the best Sundays ever, and we are excited to start donating monies from the event to local charities, organizations and causes that help make Marathon a great place to live.”

Surprisingly warm temperatures were tempered by consistent winds, providing a perfect outdoor atmosphere to enjoy fan favorite bands like the Red Elvises, The Rock Show, and The Southern Blood Band. Man, it’s good to be back.

Photos by Sandra Lee Photography

Photos by Alex Rickert and Patti Childress

10 Best Frozen Fish Foods Reviewed and Rated in 2022

02-04-2022 · What are the best-frozen fish food features for fish keepers to look into to ensure getting the right option for their aquarium inhabitants?


best frozen fish foods

Understanding the distinct kinds of aquarium fish foods that are suitable for marine, cold water, and tropical fish is virtually essential for your aquatic pets’ overall wellness. Indeed, a lot of aquarists perceive that the easiest to find and the most excellent fish food products to buy are the flakes or pellets that you generally see in fish stores. Even so, if you opt for the best-frozen fish foods for your aquarium occupants, a variety of diet is highly ideal.

This post aims to introduce some of the most topnotch frozen fish food options that fish keepers can carefully look through so that it would be a lot easier for them to decide the most appropriate product that could best match the nutritional needs of their finned buddies. So, take a closer look at each product reviewed to narrow down your choices.

Additionally, the other frozen fish food information tackled in this article could serve as your practical guide so that you could avoid wasting your time and money in buying products that won’t satisfy the nutrition that your pet fish seriously needs to stay healthy and live a longer life.

In the end, you will learn why frozen fish food is the most exceptional means to deliver your aquarium dwellers the freshest foods that contain an adequate amount of beneficial nutrients.

Best Frozen Fish Food Reviews of 2021

1. Hikari Bio-Pure FD Brine Shrimp

Are you searching for top-quality frozen brine shrimp fish food? Then, Hikari is one of the outstanding brands that you can competent trust. Many fish owners prefer this option mainly because the food is manufactured with vitamin-enriched contents that tremendously help minimize fish stress and provide aquatic pets with sufficient strength for them to combat different kinds of illnesses.

Unlike other similar products out there, these are free of hazardous bacteria as well as parasites. It is essential to note that this freeze-dried food comes with complete nutrition and fresh flavors that your fish tank inhabitants would go crazy about. What fish love about this type of food is its nice texture and excellent taste that is designed with long-lasting and convenient form.

However, if you feed your pet fish with this food product, you need to prepare yourself in cleaning some mess after feeding and the size of this food is a little big for fish to consume them in minutes without trouble. These are just a couple of flaws that can be experienced if you use this food.

2. Aquatic Foods Inc. Blackworms

Purchasing frozen tropical fish food can be tricky specifically if your aquarium occupants are finicky eaters. This is the reason why it matters to do your homework and discover what your pet fish love to consume. Luckily, this product is something that your finned buddies would love because it is known for being palatable.

Take in mind that this food requires being slightly soaked in water before feeding proper. You will need to utilize a feeding bowl so that it won’t solely drop into the cracks between the gravel. For your fish not to have a hard time finishing the food in minutes, make sure that you crumble the fish into tiny pieces before giving it to them.

Howbeit, this food appears to be not the most palatable and flavorful food for cichlids, gouramis, and arowanas and you need to wait for a very long time for the food to break apart; so this would make your fish impatient to consume them during a feeding session.

3. Tetra Blood Worms Freeze Dried Treat

Nowadays, there are limitless PetSmart frozen fish food products that you can freely select from. So, for you not to feel baffled which one is the best; just check which brand formulated the food of your choice. This way, it would be easier for you to decide if the food is safe and fortified with adequate nutrition for your pet fish.

Thus, if you prefer a type of food that is designed for both small to medium-sized marine and freshwater fish, this option won’t disappoint you. These reduce unwanted organisms found in live bloodworms because they are distinctively processed and examined. To keep the food safe and easy to store, this product is designed with a child-safety lid.

Still and all, even though this product is made by a prestigious brand; a few minor glitches that you can notice include the very tight cap that makes it a little difficult to open at times and the smell of this food is something that anyone with very sensitive smell can’t stand. Check out these downsides first before you pay for it.

4. San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp

This San Francisco bay frozen fish food is one of the most top-rated options for countless fish enthusiasts around the world. While it could be a little costly than other brands readily available on the market to date, many consumers prefer it because of its high contents of required nutrients that support the overall well-being of aquarium inhabitants.

Moreover, whether you are currently keeping saltwater or freshwater fish, this could be safely fed to your pets. There is no need to further your search since this food can serve as a nutrient-enriched staple diet, supplement and special treat to finicky fish species. If you want your finned friends to gain more energy, vigor and enhance their color even more; then this food would best execute that job for you.

Be that as it may, this food is prone to getting brittle and extremely dry when not consumed at its best state and it barely goes down once it gets wet and stays floating on top. Make it a point to consider these drawbacks before purchasing this food product for your fish.

5. Omega One Freeze-Dried Blood Worms

For fish keepers who are in search of high quality frozen freshwater food or frozen saltwater fish food, this product is worth a shot. For a fact, this is highly recognized for being a nutritious treat for various fish because it is loaded with generous amounts of proteins that support healthy growth and overall wellness. If you go for premium quality ingredients, then this is superb in that aspect

If you have an aquatic pet who is a finicky eater, these bloodworms can execute their job well in jumpstarting your finned friends’ appetite. See to it to use these foods as a special treat rather than a complete fish diet. Then, make it a habit to play with your pet fish more often and you’ll witness significant positive changes in them.

On the other hand, if you are looking after small-sized fish, then this food may be inconvenient for them since its size is too big and the container is only half-full considering the product is a little pricey yet the size is not filling enough to last for long. These are a few of the weak points that can be noticed if you choose this product.

6. Sequoia Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Cubes

Buying bulk frozen fish food is certainly a pain in the pocket. This is the reason why you need to ensure that you carefully inspect the contents of the product you are eyeing to invest in. If you wish to provide your aquarium pets with a staple and nutritious diet, then it is important to purchase one of the best brands in fish food products.

This food is packed with diatoms and algae so this implies that they contain superior levels of valuable fatty acids, proteins, and lipids that play a very vital role in biological processes. It is appropriate for feeding all types of lovely fish species as well.

Not the less, this product would have been better if there are some minerals and vitamins added to it and it contains some powder and other substances mixed with the shrimp cubes. Take note of these negative aspects before purchasing the product at once.

7. Hikari Bio-Pure Freeze Dried Blood Worms

Providing your finned buddies with foods that are rich in healthy fats and proteins is very beneficial for them especially because it is not easy to thrive in an artificial environment like a fish tank. These foods would be something that your pet fish would love consuming and due to that, you won’t have to deal with frequent tank water replacements.

If you aim to minimize fish stress and help your fish combat other kinds of fish diseases, then this food is a fairly economical means to provide your aquatic pets with a superb alternative food option.

Withal, being freeze-dried exterminates all types of hazardous parasites, but sadly this makes the bloodworms less nutritious as well unlike when they are alive. Apart from this, since these foods consume a little bit of time for them to be fully soaked, expanded and softened when putting into the fish tank, they are less digestible which could cause bloating.

8. Aquatic Foods Inc. Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp Cubes

These brine shrimp cubes are nutrient-enriched, healthy and safe options that you can provide your most precious aquarium occupants. This food does not come with potentially toxic chemicals, preservatives, and additives. And, if you are presently breeding fish or in the process of raising fry, then this is highly recommended for you.

Bear in mind that this food works best if consumed two by up to three times a week and if treated as a snack for your aquarium inhabitants. Soak the brine shrimp cubes first and ensure to push them down a little bit in some cases.

Nonetheless, the brine shrimp cubes are packed with nutrients but these are prone to breaking apart instantly than expected and these could also bring about an annoying mess inside the aquarium. It is crucial to look into these obstacles first before spending more on this product.

9. San Francisco Bay Freeze Dried Mysis Shrimp

Frozen marine fish food can be overpriced but the good thing about this product is that although it is slightly costly; this can be used for both saltwater and freshwater fish. And, speaking about its nutritional contents, this is one great way to offer your fish the best foods to support their growth and health.

So, if you keep picky eaters, this food would lure them to eat more. Even sea horses love to consume these foods. This guarantees an efficient biological process because it is manufactured with great amounts of valuable lipids, proteins, and fatty acids. It is not surprising why a lot of fish enthusiasts go for this product when they aim to make their fish more energetic and vigorous.

Regardless, this food for fish won’t serve as a complete fish diet for them which conveys that you need to supplement it with other nutritious food options to ensure proper nutrition for your finned friends and this is not available in other sizes.

10. Omega One Freeze-Dried Brine Shrimp

Similar to getting the right frozen plankton fish food for your finned friends, when buying freeze-dried brine shrimp, it is also necessary to meticulously read the product information. This is to know if this would make a beneficial fish diet for the type of fish you are currently keeping.

Nevertheless, this product is not highly recommended for reef tanks because they are lighter and tend to flirt around the top. And, they instantly break into tinier chunks that appear powdery and can cause a messy look inside the tank.

What to Look for When Buying Frozen Fish Food


When purchasing the right frozen foods for your aquatic pets, the following buying considerations must be highly pondered on:

  • Frozen food products must contain high amounts of nutrients that could help in healthy and fast fish growth, support stronger immune system and digestive system functions, boost fish color enhancement, and help extend the lifespan of your most precious finned friends.
  • Since different fish species would feel bored and not fond of consuming the same foods daily, you may consider buying mixed diet frozen fish food products as these are good at luring fish to eat their foods eagerly and avoid the fish waste that discolors or negatively affect tank water quality and clarity.
  • Always check the product’s information. It is crucial to be insightful of the length of time the products could remain frozen. Check the expiration date and make sure to use the product within the indicated period. Otherwise, the product may lose its freshness and nutritional value.
  • Expired products could also cause contamination so this won’t merely affect the clarity and quality of tank water but the health and life of your fish tank dwellers could also be put at risk.
  • Which brand manufactured the frozen fish food product you are planning to purchase? As mentioned in this post, if you buy from reputable manufacturers, then you can be assured that you’re getting high-quality products. While it could be true that paying higher for these brands is inevitable, still you could witness for yourself that these are cost-effective options because they can provide the required nutrition for your aquarium occupants.
  • Is the product safe to use and contains all-natural ingredients that won’t be toxic to your finned buddies? Look for frozen foods that do not contain any artificial ingredients like fillers, dyes, etc. that may potentially create a mess and a toxic environment inside the tank.
  • Is it palatable and capable of attracting fish species to consume them in minutes? If the food is loved by your fish, if these are easy to digest; then you won’t need to be troubled by fish waste. This means that it is unnecessary to do tank water replacements more often as you can avoid food debris sinking on the bottom of the tank.

You have learned that there are several shopping considerations for you to mull over first before finally deciding which product to get for your pet fish. While conducting research can be tiring and stressful at times, still, this is way better than wasting your time and money on useless frozen food products for your aquarium dwellers.

Most importantly, you must be extra discreet when buying fish foods because the health and life of your fish would largely depend on the food you choose for them.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is best-frozen fish food?

The most excellent quality frozen foods for fish prompt an intuitive response and are enthusiastically consumed by even the pickiest fish species. Such foods generally range from meaty types of foods like squid and shrimp, while some are also packed with seaweed and spirulina.

Frozen fish foods are great options when feeding aquatic pets because they serve as healthy basic diet or as treat to supplement or to add some nutritional variety to your fish’s diet.

So, when searching for appropriate frozen fish foods, carefully check the ingredients contained in the product first. See to it that the contents won’t pose any hazard to your fish’s health.

What are the different types of frozen fish food?

To boot, there is a myriad of fish food products readily available in frozen form and this surely makes it more effortless for fish keepers to give their fish tank inhabitants a well-rounded and nutrient-enriched diet. Sure thing, one of the most well-known forms of frozen fish food is brine shrimp. Even though adult brine shrimp already contain comparatively little nutritional value, these are commonly utilized when conditioning aquatic pets for breeding.

Brine shrimp cubes are at times supplemented with plankton or garlic for more additional nutrients. Meanwhile, bloodworms and Tubifex worms are also very famous varieties of frozen fish foods that a lot of freshwater creatures are so fond of consuming.

Water fleas and daphnia are also other alternatives in frozen fish food as are Mysis which refers to a kind of shrimp that comes with high protein contents. In line with this, mussels and cockles are rich in protein too specifically when kept frozen and they could offer your finned friends with vital nutrients necessary to support healthy bone growth.

By the same token, there are available mixed diet frozen foods that are designed to contain a complete and well-balanced diet for each specified fish species. Nonetheless, this should solely be utilized as a component of the primary feeding regime, along with pellets and flakes.

Why do you need frozen fish food? (Benefits)

Shifting to a diet of frozen fish food would help create advantageous inner and outer changes to your aquatic pets. The all-natural vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins contained in frozen foods remarkably aid in boosting the immune system functions in fish and this could also result in less digestive system concerns.

In turn, you may observe that your aquarium inhabitants obtain more energy; their color becomes more vibrant, colorful and radiant. More than that, it is common for fish keepers to encounter some problems with their fish tank dwellers being finicky eaters. Consider providing them frozen foods that are suitable for their species.

Fundamentally, this generally prompts a more natural and vigorous eating response that they would have when feeding in the wild. Some fish enthusiasts decide to stop feeding their fish with frozen foods because they think that these could be messy.

So, to make the process neater, several frozen food packs come in pre-gauged cubes. This is done by taking the cubes out of the freezer and from there this would be directly placed into a bowl to unfreeze; hence, leaving no mess. This could be spooned into the aquarium.

Alternatively, other fish keepers prefer to place the frozen cube directly into the aquarium. You need to be mindful of overfeeding your fish. Many pre-gauged cubes come with an excessive amount of food for the number of occupants in the fish tank. Consider cutting the frozen cubes into tiny pieces to fit your tank.

Frozen foods do not bring about any concerns about live foods that could cause various sorts of ailments, and many of these products are treated with radiation before they are sold on the market. These could also be enriched before feeding proper, and this is accomplished with the aid of liquid supplements.

Please be guided that overfeeding could result in unconsumed foods left inside the aquarium. Unconsumed frozen foods tend to discolor or create a mess in the tank water more as compared to fish flakes.

In essence, a few of the most notable advantages of feeding your fish with frozen foods include:

  • These are readily available both on different local pet or fish stores and online shopping sites.
  • They can be kept longer as compared to live foods provided these frozen products are suitably stored in a freezer.
  • The frozen cubes help fish keepers make measuring the servings become more plain sailing to carry out.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted frozen fish food brands?

Fortunately, it is not that challenging to search for and invest in top-quality frozen fish foods these days. This is especially true if you are well aware of the most trusted frozen fish food producers around the globe. As you might have already known, if you were able to pick the right brand, then you can have the guarantee that your pet fish are in good hands.

Some of the most preferred frozen fish food brands that many professional aquarists and fish keepers choose to date consist of:

  • Sequoia
  • Omega One
  • San Francisco Bay
  • Aquatic Foods Inc.
  • Hikari

It is interesting to note that these brands have already made a mark in terms of producing premium quality fish foods that were specifically formulated to satisfy the nutritional needs of different fish species. Thus, if the frozen fish food of your choice is made by any of these mentioned brands, then you won’t have to worry about your fish’s diet.

All the same, you need to expect a little higher price tag if you purchase products from these brands. Well, this is to be expected in exchange for well-rounded nutrition that can be provided to your most treasured aquatic pets.

Do you defrost frozen fish food?

In many instances, frozen fish foods come in individual cubes that can be purchased in packages manufactured to keep the foods fresh and free of any harmful substances, bacteria, and parasites. While some fish keepers choose to directly drop the frozen cubes into their fish tanks, other fish enthusiasts highly suggest defrosting the cubes frost for less than half an hour.

Moreover, the easiest means to execute this is to put the cube in a cup of tank water for roughly 10 minutes or so, and from there consider dumping the contents into the aquarium. Take note that if the whole cube is excessive for your aquatic pets, then you may chop this into tiny portions and only defrost the amount you prefer to give them.

An Important Reminder when Thawing the Frozen Fish Food

When defrosting, leave it for half an hour, this must not exceed that time because such foods could go off quite instantly. Also, do not defrost it using hot water; otherwise, this would minimize the freshness and nutrients that the food contains. Professional fish keepers highly suggest placing a frozen block in a cup of full of tank water for roughly ten minutes and from there just add it directly to the fish tank.

How to feed frozen fish food?

When feeding your fish with frozen foods, take the following considerations in mind:

  • Get a plastic container that comes with an appropriate lid. Put the frozen food in that container – the amount should be adequate for approximately one week of fish feeding.
  • Allow the food to sit and defrost.
  • Feed your aquatic inhabitants.
  • Put the remainder in the fridge.
  • In the next feeding session, just get the frozen food from the fridge and start feeding your fish again. By following this method, you can be assured that the food would remain fresh and easy to utilize all week.
  • See to it to thoroughly wash the container regularly, at least once per weekly.
  • In case the frozen food is too large for the number of your tank occupants, cut the cube into small portions that would suit them. Avoid giving them excessive food that they could not consume in minutes.
  • To make the food healthier, it is recommended to add a few drops of liquid fish vitamins to the defrosted food. At present, many firms manufacture both saltwater and freshwater fish vitamins.

Not to mention, many frozen foods tend to leave a strong and foul smell on your hands even after washing them with water and mild soap. So, to keep your hands smelling clean and odor-free, consider utilizing a pair of large tweezers or forceps to transfer the food from one container to the aquarium so that it would be unnecessary to touch the frozen food.

How often should you feed fish frozen food?

In general, many fish keepers feed their fish with frozen foods four times in a day. Brine shrimp accounts for many feedings each week. This is specifically efficient for new fish since the scent of this type of food is too good for them to resist.

For all that, it is critical to alternate foods and barely feed the same food from day today. Please be guided that frozen foods such as daphnia, brine shrimp that contain spirulina, bloodworms and Mysis constitute approximately half of your aquatic pets’ diet, with a premium quality sinking wafers and flakes constituting most of the rest.

It would be fine to provide your fish with just frozen foods so long as you give variety and ensure that they can obtain adequate vegetable content. Bear in mind that, in particular with marine fish, a broad variety of foods is a must. At least 4 by up to 5 distinct sources of food are needed to simulate what they eat in their natural habitat.

Some professional aquarists recommend that it is essential to provide your pet fish with frozen foods approximately two to three times each week and a variety of diet should contain pellets or flakes.

How do you store frozen fish food?

To ensure that frozen fish foods are properly handled in all phases of their storage; thawing them could greatly aid impede bacteria breeding grounds. And, the most essential factor to remember when storing frozen fish foods is maintaining a stable temperature. This is because changing temperatures could easily allow bacteria accumulation.

Thus, having a properly adjusted temperature that is monitored regularly could assist in guaranteeing that the temperature inside the freezer is holding consistent at 0-degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Additionally, the frozen product should be stored in such a manner for air to freely circulate throughout the fridge.

It is also vital to be attentive to how long the products could remain frozen, and take this factor into account when ordering frozen fish food products. Fundamentally, food is safe to continuously store at 0-degrees; however, after a specific point, the quality would begin to deteriorate. Hence, you must inspect how long each of your frozen fish products could be frozen without devaluation in terms of quality; and from there, order accordingly to reduce product loss.

Where to buy?

Frozen fish foods can be bought from leading and heavily-stocked supermarkets, local fish or pet stores. However, buying them from these sources could merely offer fish keepers with limited options to pick from. Sometimes, some of the high-end brands can’t be found in local stores too.

So, if you want to discover more renowned brands that produce fresh and excellent quality frozen fish food products, you may start your search online. As you already know, there are many online shopping sites nowadays that could offer consumers with lots of products to choose from such as fish keeping supplies.

Moreover, a few of the most reputable online shopping sites that you can depend on; and where you can enjoy browsing countless of products include Amazon, PetCo, and PetSmart. You can search for other credible sites too as they are too many to mention.

Shopping online is very convenient and at the same time, consumers have more opportunities for discovering highly acclaimed brands, special promos, and discounts.

Before purchasing the product, see to it that the product you’re ordering will be properly shipped. Frozen products must remain frozen all through the entire shipping process for it to retain its nutrients and inhibit the potentiality of contamination issues.

Top retailers would generally offer 1 by up to 2 days for shipping. The frozen fish foods should be properly packaged in foam coolers that come with ice packs or dry ice to keep them frozen.


Overall, the best-frozen fish food is deemed as the most outstanding method to deliver your aquatic pets the freshest food that contains a considerable amount of valuable nutrients. In addition to this, freezing fish food helps remarkably sustain more minerals, proteins, vitamins, and fats as compared to freeze-dried or dry fish foods. This conveys that you’re feeding your fish to primarily improve and sustain their health, not only to satisfy their starvation.

Essentially, most frozen fish foods sold on the market simulate what your tropical or marine fish would be consuming in the wild, making it the most outstanding option out there. However, if picking the right frozen fish food products beats you, then this is what this post was exactly made.

The bottom line here is that the list of products reviewed in this article could assist you to purchase the option that could best meet the nutritional needs of your pet fish; all you need to do is to carefully examine each product’s pros and cons.

Besides, the other indispensable feeding information discussed here would certainly serve as a very useful guide to fish keepers in terms of feeding their aquarium occupants with the right and well-balanced nutrition for them to thrive.

Top 10 Best Frozen Fish to Buy in 2022

19-02-2022 · Over thousands consumer satisfaction surveys has been analysed and evaluated in detail to create the Best Frozen Fish ranking. Through the analysis we have found, listed and rated Best Frozen Fish you might be interested in. Using extensive data analysis, our editing teams independently research, review, and recommend the best products to you.


The freezer cabinet is filled with a great selection of frozen fish in the supermarket. The taste of frozen fish is incredible so stock them up whenever you get the chance. Undoubtedly, people are in love with the frozen fish products that are packed to minimize oxidation and dehydration. This is because the poorly packed fish cause severe problems. To minimize the same effects, the fish freezing industry makes the fish products safe to eat and consume anytime. The industry mainly works on the shelflife to maintain quality by working on the vacuum and atmospheric packaging. Therefore, there are extraordinary options in the frozen fish that people would love to consume.

# 1
Sardines Frozen 8 Lb.
Sardines Frozen 8 Lb.

  • ready to cook
  • great for the grill
  • whole sardines
# 2
Kvarøy Arctic Frozen Salmon Basics Bundle - Sustainably Raised Salmon Original Hot Dog - Fair Trade Certified, Original & Cheese Hot dog, Original Burgers, Original & Cheese Burgers and Salmon Fillet Portion (2 units each, Pack of 10)- Easy to Make & Filled with Omega 3s
Kvarøy Arctic Frozen Salmon Basics Bundle - Sustainably Raised Salmon Original Hot Dog - Fair Trade Certified, Original & Cheese Hot dog, Original Burgers, Original & Cheese Burgers and Salmon Fillet Portion (2 units each, Pack of 10)- Easy to Make & Filled with Omega 3s

  • GRILL YOUR HEART OUT: This multi-pack includes our award-winning 2 flavors ( Original, Original & Cheese) of salmon hot dogs (8 x 3.5 oz dogs), burgers (8 x 3.5 oz burgers), and fresh fillets (2x2 lbs portion pack), letting you eat our delicious sliced salmon in so many ways!
  • HEALTHY NEVER TASTED SO GOOD: Not only does our frozen seafood salmon taste great, you won’t find another healthy food option that’s packed with a week's worth of Omega-3s and is gluten-free, keto-friendly, and non-GMO.
  • EASY TO MAKE: Our frozen salmon grill pack couldn’t be more convenient—simply choose which of the options you want to eat, let them thaw, and then throw them on the grill, broil, or pan-fry them!
  • FRESH FROM THE ARCTIC CIRCLE: Sustainably raised in the waters off the coast of Norway. We have a deep-fjord current that keeps the environment pristine and helps exercise the fresh boneless salmon, reducing fat levels and giving this beautiful fish a pure, clean flavor.
  • FAMILY OWNED: Kvaroy Arctic is a third-generation, family-owned business, who raises sustainable grilled salmon frozen in the Arctic waters of Norway. The result of their hard work is a healthy, sustainably delicious salmon packet that is celebrated by chefs and consumers around the globe.
Sale# 4
Moongiantgo Manual Frozen Meat Slicer Bone Cutter Ribs Chicken Cutter Stainless Steel Cutting Machine for Lamb Chops Pork Beef Fish Vegetable Meat Chopper (KD0265)
Moongiantgo Manual Frozen Meat Slicer Bone Cutter Ribs Chicken Cutter Stainless Steel Cutting Machine for Lamb Chops Pork Beef Fish Vegetable Meat Chopper (KD0265)

  • 9.4" LONG SUS KNIFE - According to the lever principle, the ultra long knife design allows you to cut more effortless each time. Save you more time and energy.
  • BEST FOR - This manual meat slicing machine is best for frozen meat, pet food, poultry, fish, small ribs, chine bones, lamb chops, biltong, beef jerky slab, hard herb root, corns, veggies, fruits, ginseng, etc. Suitable for home & commercial use!
  • TIPS - 1. This large ribs chopper cannot cut large bones such as Beef Short Ribs, Trotters, Large Ribs and Bones; 2. Keep the manual ribs cutter dry after cleaning; 3. Apply a few drops of cooking oil on the blades and bearings for simple maintenance!
  • PREMIUM WASHABLE MATERIAL - Selected 430# SUS body, more durable than normal 304# SUS; smooth aluminum alloy handle, more comfortable grip; food grade 30CR13 SUS, extremely sharp. Cleaning is a breeze!
  • WARRANTY - This manual meat cutter has 1-year warranty: free replacement for any quality problems! Hope our products can bring convenience to your life!
# 5
UNO Family Card Game, with 112 Cards in a Sturdy Storage Tin, Travel-Friendly, Makes a Great Gift for 7 Year Olds and Up​ [Amazon Exclusive]
UNO Family Card Game, with 112 Cards in a Sturdy Storage Tin, Travel-Friendly, Makes a Great Gift for 7 Year Olds and Up​ [Amazon Exclusive]

  • UNO is the classic family card game that's easy to learn and so much fun to play!
  • In a race to deplete your hand, match one of your cards with the current card shown on top of the deck by either color or number.
  • Strategize to defeat your competition with special action cards like Skips, Reverses, Draw Twos and color-changing Wild cards.
  • When you're down to one card, don't forget to shout "UNO!"
  • This fun family card game is perfect for adults, teens and kids 7 years old and up.
# 6
Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Collector's Edition
Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Collector's Edition

  • Find thousands of hidden objects, plus solve tons of mini games and puzzles!
  • Unlock this incredible Collector's Edition to gain access to all of the amazing bonuses and additional gameplay!
  • English (Publication Language)
# 8
Fish the Holes on Frozen Lakes - EP
# 10
Clifford the Big Red Dog
Clifford the Big Red Dog

  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Jack Whitehall, Darby Camp (Actors)
  • Walt Becker (Director) - Jay Scherick (Writer) - Jordan Kerner (Producer)
  • (Playback Language)
  • Audience Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Over thousands consumer satisfaction surveys has been analysed and evaluated in detail to create the Best Frozen Fish ranking. Through the analysis we have found, listed and rated Best Frozen Fish you might be interested in. Using extensive data analysis, our editing teams independently research, review, and recommend the best products to you. If you click on the product links, we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.
Frozen Fish Entrees, Ranked From Worst To Best

25-01-2022 · Frozen fish entrées aren't as popular as other types of meals, probably because there are some real textural and flavor issues to battle. Overall, there are also some very exciting options for your next frozen fish pick. Whether you're a pescatarian or just have a hankering for a quick piece of fish, here are our picks for frozen fish entrées ...


Americans have been digging into frozen dinners since the 1940s when the canned food supply faced a shortage from World War II, according to History. Clarence Birdseye took inspiration from the indigenous Inuit people of Canada, who would immediately freeze the fish they caught to keep it fresh. Today, frozen fish lives on in the form of heat-and-eat meals that are ready to consume within minutes.

Microwaved fish might not sound like the most appetizing frozen entrée option, but a few brands are out to prove that's just not true. Frozen fish entrées aren't as popular as other types of meals, probably because there are some real textural and flavor issues to battle. Overall, there are also some very exciting options for your next frozen fish pick. Whether you're a pescatarian or just have a hankering for a quick piece of fish, here are our picks for frozen fish entrées, ranked from worst to best. 

Parmesan-crusted fish sounds like a rather healthy meal, and Lean Cuisine's version also has fire-roasted tomato sauce and noodles. The fish is topped with some cheese. It's supposed to be flaky and tender fish with a flavorful sauce. 

The reality, however, is that the pasta is dry and rubbery, and the fish is bland. Worst of all, the fish ends up being mushy when cooked. It's hard to get both pasta and fish cooked right, so instead of including some kind of partition to allow the 2 to be cooked separately, they're both thrown off in the microwave. One GoodNes reviewer said, "The fish was mushy and seemed undercooked, no matter how long I microwaved it for, the coating on the fish was flavorless, the sauce was all in a glob, leaving much of the pasta to get dry and tough during cooking." If you are looking for a convenient fish entrée option, you'd be better off skipping this one. 

When fish sticks are done right, they are pretty close to perfection — warm, flaky fish in a crispy, golden crust that practically begs to be dipped into ketchup or tartar sauce. When they're cooked improperly, however, it's a sin. After all, nothing about soggy fish sticks sounds appealing. That's why Banquet's fish entree of fish sticks with mac and cheese is destined for mediocrity. The fish sticks are made with Alaskan pollock, which is a good start. The pairing of fish sticks with macaroni and cheese is a childhood favorite and drums up nostalgic thoughts. However, cooking the breaded fish in the microwave is just hard to get right. 

One reviewer said, " are the fish sticks mushier than the macaroni? It is a textural nightmare." A balanced meal needs some differences in texture, some firmness, some crunch, and something that isn't all mush. The one good thing about this microwaveable meal is that if you've just undergone a dental procedure and are relegated to only soft foods, this will be a textural match.

Crispy fish should be banned from the microwave. It's an oxymoron and a guaranteed setup for disappointment. This meal, Marie Callender's Golden Battered Fish Fillet with seasoned rice pilaf and cheesy broccoli, is a prime example of why. With most of these meals, you have the option to also cook them in a conventional oven. If that's an option for you, that is 100% what you should do because you might actually get the results that are promised. 

However, we've turned a blind eye to that for the sake of rating all of these meals evenly. The saltiness in this meal can't be ignored — the breading of the fish is so salty that it's unpleasant.

Said one Influenster reviewer, "The batter is quite salty and the fish was way too fishy!!" Even if you put this one in the oven, there are plenty of other options.

Here's yet another Lean Cuisine fish option, but this time with slightly more successful execution. The Lean Cuisine Tortilla Crusted Fish is served with sour cream rice that's also got some corn and poblano peppers in it for an extra kick. It's a nice flavor base with everything working very well together — a nice mix of sour, salty and sweet.

One reviewer said, "The fish was nicely crusted and had mild flavor. The rice, pepper and corn side in creamy sauce was a highlight of this meal and [the] texture and taste [were] great. I did not find the peppers spicy at all–only filled with peppery flavor."

We didn't rank this meal any higher because it still has the unfortunate ability to get soggy if microwaved. Overall, the flavor is intense and delicious enough that it saves this meal from falling lower on the list. 

Lemon pepper is a winning combination on everything from chicken wings to pork chops, so how does it fare as the main flavor component of this Healthy Choice Lemon Pepper Fish frozen entree? The fish is served on a bed of rice and diced peppers, along with steamed broccoli and a cinnamon apple caramel dessert. It certainly seems to be a lot more nutritious than some of the other entrees on the list with a full serving of green veggies on the side. 

Oddly enough, the fish is the best thing about this meal. It is flavorful, and if you appreciate lemon pepper, you'll like this because it packs plenty of it. The meal only falls short because of the rice and broccoli. Healthy doesn't have to be boring, but that's exactly what is happening with this meal. Both of the sides are bland, so stock up on the salt, pepper and hot sauce. The apple dessert is another odd component of this meal. A reviewer on the Healthy Choice website said, "Serving size for fish and broccoli were fine, but it was the serving size of the apple [dessert] that left me saying 'Why Bother!!' About 5 thumbnail square pieces of apple in about a tablespoon of a watery liquid. Not exaggerating." 

Here's yet another breaded lemon pepper fish option, this time by Lean cuisine. It paired the meal with lemon herb rice, and overall, it is a tasty microwaveable meal option. We love that it's a decent-sized portion with solid flavor, and no need to add sauces to tinker with the flavor intensity. 

While lemon pepper might not be everyone's cup of tea, it's a great serving size for those watching their caloric intake. Said one Influenster reviewer, "Probably my favorite frozen fish dinner of any line and I LOVE Fish! Breading is not overdone, seasoning is on point (without the lemon or the pepper dominating the taste) with the perfect blend of seasonings. I add a side salad and always feel full the rest of the night!"

It's still microwavable fish, so if you come into this expecting a Michelin-starred meal, you'll be disappointed. All things considered, Lean Cuisine's lemon pepper fish is a frozen fish TV dinner that doesn't miss the mark!

Trader Joe's takes a stab at the microwaveable fish entrée with its cod provençale. This cod dish is served with an eggplant ratatouille and a rice pilaf mixture. 

It's 350 calories per serving, so perhaps it decided to skip breading or other heavier carb options to ensure this stayed relatively healthy. It's certainly a tasty frozen fish option but veers toward the bland side. If you're a flavor or spice nut, you should be prepared to jazz this up with some of your own. Become Betty said, "My biggest complaint about the decent-sized portion of fish was that it was not seasoned in any way. There was no discernible salt or pepper here. There is no sear for flavor. Just fish. I packed a lemon with my lunch to brighten things up."

The ratatouille pulls it all together, making this dish more flavorful than boring. 

A breaded fish filet served with a side of macaroni and cheese is in no way supposed to be healthy. Once you've gotten past that, you'll probably really enjoy this Stouffer's frozen fish meal. Is it the most exciting frozen meal you'll ever taste? No, but it is warm, hearty, and quick. One reviewer added a little bit of their own pizazz to take this meal to the next level. "Absolutely delicious fresh tasting mouth-watering fish filet!" the person wrote. "Even the mac & cheese tasted great. I squeezed a little lemon on the fish after the first round in the microwave and used about 2 T of a great tartar sauce and I savored every bite."

If you do want to amp up the nutrition, you can add a side of steamed vegetables or a fresh salad. That would round this meal out and keep it from feeling heavy and greasy. Breaded fish lovers, look no more. Here is the frozen meal you've been wishing for!

Trader Joe's has a whole line of frozen Indian-inspired dishes that are packed with flavor. Its Korma fish curry with basmati rice is no different. Now let's get a few things out the way: the rice is rather bland, as it's just plain basmati rice. There are also no vegetables included with this dish, so if you care anything about having a balanced meal with all of the food groups, you'll need to supplement this one. 

Once you get past that, you'll discover that this is a really good dish. The portion of the fish is hearty — there are 2 good-sized filets, according to Freezer Meal Frenzy. There's also plenty of sauce for you to mix with that simple rice. The fish is tender, the sauce is saucy with a little spice and overall it's a great dish to pop into the microwave for lunch on a day when you want to bring a little brightness. Food is enjoyment... and Trader Joe's proves that even frozen dishes can bring that same happiness. 

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